Prince Harry expected to ‘make efforts’ to visit Prince William and Princess Catherine during upcoming UK trip

Mar 28, 2024
In the midst of recent challenges, Prince Harry's potential visit and supportive gestures hint at a renewed opportunity for reconciliation within the Royal Family. Source: Getty Images.

Anticipation is building for a long-awaited reunion between Prince Harry and Prince William, as speculation mounts about Harry’s plans to visit his brother and Princess Catherine during an upcoming trip to the UK.

Harry will be making a return to the UK in May to mark the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games and royal author Tom Quinn believes that, in light of Catherine’s cancer diagnosis, Harry will make the effort to visit with his estranged brother and sister-in-law.

“Given Kate’s cancer diagnosis, Harry will certainly make efforts to see his brother and Kate when he returns to the UK in May,” Quinn told The Mirror.

“If it happens at all it’s to be a very brief carefully choreographed meeting and organised to last a short time so that the brothers can avoid any difficult conversations.

“At the same time Harry knows how it will look if he comes back to the UK and doesn’t see his brother and Kate. It’s going to be a very awkward time.”

While time will tell as to whether Harry will make the effort to visit with William and Catherine, the controversial royal has already shown signs of support for the Royal Family. Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, recently stepped forward with a message of compassion and solidarity for the Princess of Wales after she revealed her cancer diagnosis. 

“We wish health and healing for Kate and the family, and hope they are able to do so privately and in peace,” the statement read.

Although Harry and Meghan have maintained their distance from the Royal Family, since stepping back from their royal duties in 2020, in moments of adversity, such as King Charles’s cancer diagnosis and now Princess Catherine’s illness, they have demonstrated unwavering support and a willingness to put their differences aside.

In addition to the message of support, Harry has reportedly reached out to his brother, Prince William, following the news of Princess Catherine’s cancer diagnosis.

Royal correspondent Sarah Louise-Robertson revealed the significant development on GB News, further suggesting that Princess Catherine’s health update could mark a turning point in the strained relations between the two brothers.

Louise-Robertson’s insights shed light on a private exchange between the princes, indicating a potential thawing and an olive branch extended amidst what has been a tumultuous period for the Royal Family.

“Harry reached out to his brother last night”, she said at the time.

“There has been some text messages, some exchanges, and the fact that has happened shows that there could now be maybe a thawing and a bit of an olive branch between the two families.”

Louise-Robertson emphasised the significance of this gesture, suggesting that amidst the family’s recent challenges, there’s a renewed opportunity for reconciliation.

“And I think, wouldn’t it be lovely if Harry could just make that apology?” she said.

“This is the time where you have to put all that bad blood behind you and you come together as a family.

“Catherine’s diagnosis has put everything into perspective, the silly things that they were feuding about, it seems so futile.”

In the midst of recent challenges, Prince Harry’s potential visit and supportive gestures hint at a renewed opportunity for reconciliation within the Royal Family, highlighting the importance of putting differences aside during times of adversity.

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