Scott Morrison won’t deign to apologise for the ‘political circus’ of the portfolio saga

Sep 06, 2022
Prime Minister Scott Morrison won't apologise for portfolio saga. Source: Getty

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said he won’t deign to get involved in the “political circus” surrounding his controversial portfolio saga, in his first interview since losing the federal election in May 2022.

Morrison has continued to make headlines since stepping down from his position as leader of Australia after it was found he’d secretly appointed himself to an additional five portfolios during his time in office.

Speaking on Sky News, Morrison avoided apologising for what has been perceived by many as a deceitful move.

“I’ve explained the situation and I don’t expect everybody to agree,” he said.

“What I’m not into is getting engaged in the to and fro of the political circus of this and that and argue this and that and responding to this criticism [or] to someone having a sledge at you.

“OK they’re having a big crack at me, I’m just not engaging in [it].

“I think someone’s just got to break the circuit here. I could respond to this claim, this accusation, and this slur … [but] I don’t wish to do that, I’m not bitter, I’m thankful, I’m grateful.”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced an independent inquiry into Morrison’s actions, demanding a public apology from the Minister for Cook.

“Scott Morrison owes the Australian people an apology for undermining our parliamentary democracy system of government,” he said.

“And it’s one thing to see this as an issue between him and Josh Frydenberg or other individuals. He misses the point here completely. This is about the Australian people.”

However, Morrison has maintained his actions were a “necessary” precaution done with “best intentions” during “extraordinary circumstances”, referencing the global pandemic.

The politician’s interview renewed the growing storm of calls for his resignation, many slamming his comments on the “political circus” as hypocritical.

A review into the political saga by the Solicitor-General has found that Morrison’s actions were within the confines of the law, however, his secrecy around the matter “fundamentally undermines” the “principles of responsible government”.

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