Monarchy ‘has served us extremely well’: Former Senator Eric Abetz to run anti-republic campaign

Sep 01, 2022
Eric Abetz named as new chair to head monarchist campaign. Source: Getty

Former Liberal Senator Eric Abetz has been announced as the opposing force against the Albanese government’s push for Australia to become a republic.

Appointed by the Australian Monarchist League (AML), Abetz has been announced as chairman of the campaign to keep Australia part of the Monarchy.

“The Australian Monarchist League is pleased to announce that former government minister and Leader of the Government in the Senate, the Hon. Eric Abetz, is the new chairman of the monarchist campaign opposing the Albanese government’s plans for a republic,” AML National Chair Philip Benwell said.

“Mr Abetz has enjoyed a sterling career spanning 28 years in the Australian Senate and will bring to the monarchist cause the same fighting spirit that has characterised his entire political career for nearly three decades.”

Speaking with Sky NewsAbetz said his goal is to make sure the nation continues to reap the benefits “for the next generation”.

“Like our judicial and democratic systems, the constitutional monarchy serves as an institution in its own right irrespective of the occupier of that particular office from time to time,” he said.

“Respecting heritage, tradition and a system which has served us extremely well, allowing us to be the envy of the world is genuinely visionary.

“Ensuring we keep all the benefits of the system for the next generation is the task of true leadership.”

In an Australian first, the nation recently appointed its first Minister for the Republic, Matt Thistlewaite, in a bid to begin campaigning for the country to leave Commonwealth.

Speaking with The Guardian, the Minister believes that as the Queen “comes to the twilight of her reign, it’s a good opportunity for a serious discussion about what comes next for Australia”.

Thistlethwaite says his primary goal is to teach the people of Australia about the current constitutional arrangements of having a British Monarch inheriting the role of Head of State, as opposed to an Australian chosen Head of State.

“Literally hundreds of Australians could perform the role, so why wouldn’t we appoint an Australian as our pinnacle position under the constitution? It will take time, but if you want to do it properly, we should begin the discussion now, so we’re ready to go in a second term of an Albanese government,” he said.

Abetz slammed Thistlewaites for his “highly inappropriate” comments, saying it was “equally obnoxious to make reference to Her Majesty’s life expectancy”.

“What his desperate utterance unwittingly confirmed was his acknowledgment of Her Majesty’s high level of popularity,” Abetz said.

The AML has called upon the media to ensure Abetz is given adequate time to respond when a republican representative such as Hon Matt Thistlewaite or the Australian Republic Movement Chair, Peter FitzSimons, is interviewed.


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