Pauline Hanson’s radical solution to end Australia’s housing crisis

Jul 21, 2023
Pauline Hanson proposed banning foreign property ownership to help solve the country's housing crisis. Source: Getty

As more Australians continue to struggle with the country’s housing crisis, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has proposed a radical new policy to help address the issue.

Appearing on 2GB on Wednesday, July 19, Hanson explained her vision with show host Chris O’Keefe after he introduced the topic, telling listeners that the rising price of property and rentals have led to calls to find alternative solutions.

“It is no secret that Australia is in a dire situation when it comes to property. Supply is not just struggling to meet demand, there is not enough housing in the country, which is causing the price to buy to go up and rental prices to go through the roof,” he said.

“One suggestion that people have proposed is to stop foreign investors buying property in Australia because we’re one of the most popular countries, in the world, for foreign investment.”

Hanson was then introduced onto the show and proceeded to blame foreign investment for ruining the Australian property market.

“China is buying up so much property and housing in Australia and it’s disgusting and it makes me so mad that the politicians are not doing a thing about it,” she told O’Keefe.

Hanson then went on to say “it was the Australian dream to own your home” but now “the young ones coming through won’t know that”, arguing that the solution is to stop foreign investment in the property market altogether.

“It’s estimated we’re about 600,000 short in housing across Australia. People are living in tents, caravans, in parks, it’s just ridiculous in a country like this,” she said.

“Stop foreign investment. Don’t allow them to have it … It drives up the cost of housing, puts it out of the reach of young ones or anyone who is wanting to buy their own home.”

According to a 2022 survey by Anglicare Australia, the ongoing housing crisis is “locking more and more Australians out of” their wish to age in the comfort of their own home.

The report found that for a couple on the age pension, only 1.4 per cent of rental properties were affordable. Of those surveyed, 87 per cent hope to stay in their home as they get older, however, 72 per cent claimed cost was a barrier to being able to age at home.

Only 46 per cent of renters said their home is suitable for an older person.

Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers stressed that “everyone should be able to live life to the fullest as they get older. For most people, that means ageing in their own home”.

“But the housing crisis is locking more and more Australians out of that dream. Almost 70 per cent of renters in our survey said that cost is the biggest barrier to ageing at home,” Chambers said.

Under Hanson’s proposed policy, potential buyers would have to prove their Australian citizenship to real estate agents before being able to follow through with their purchase.

“What I advocate for, too, is when you go to sign a contract you must show the documents of who you are, that’s who’s buying the property, by either your passport, your citizen papers, that you are an Australian citizen,” she said.

“If [real estate agents] then sell to someone who shouldn’t be entitled to it, they then have a hefty fine or lose their license.

“I don’t care about money coming into the country when I see my fellow citizens sleeping in cars and tents through this horrible winter.”

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