Over 60s reveal at what age sex hits its peak

Dec 17, 2022
Seniors reveal when they had the best sex. Source: Getty Images.

Over 60s have been asked to reveal which age sex is at its peak, however, general consensus was that there wasn’t a period in time it was the best, just different.

Research suggests that with age comes “sexual wisdom”, and the older demographic didn’t disappoint with their responses.

Taking to the online forum Ask Old People on Reddit, one user asked the seniors: “Which decade of your life is sex the best ? And when does it start to get bad.’

One cheeky 65-year-old commented back, saying they were yet to have a bad decade of sex.

“I’m 65 and it’s as good as ever. If you want to enhance it just add a little blue pill and some 420. Shazam!!,” someone said.

“65 and it has never gone bad. Each decade is different and best in its own way,” one person commented said.

“I still believe my very absolute best sexual experience is still ahead of me.”

The person continued with a breakdown of how each decade was different for them when it came to the bedroom.

“Teens-Discovery and understanding the physical and emotional aspects,” they said.

“20’s-Body Count, crazy stuff, later kids.

“30’s-Kids and career limit time and opportunity

“40’s-Kids get older start leaving home. More opportunity, rediscovery.

“50’s-Empty nest Yippppeee!!! Volume decade.

“60’s-You only slow down if you allow yourself too. Stay fit.

“All are great in their own way.”

However, other users reflected on their sex life, saying it was at its best when it was with someone they loved.

“Whatever decade you love the person you are sexing. It goes bad when the loving stops,” one person commented.

“30’s and 40’s, because those encompassed my married years. And sex with my husband was FANTASTIC,” another added.

Despite ageist attitudes that a couple’s sex life goes downhill at a certain age, various studies have refuted such claims, finding that people over 60 are having better sex than any other demographic.

The 2016 study Sexual Quality of Life and Aging: A Prospective Study of a Nationally Representative Sample found that the “sexual wisdom” was linked to a focus on “quality—not quantity—of sex” for older people.

Overall, researchers involved in the study found that age overwhelmingly improved a person’s “sexual quality of life”.

Speaking with Starts at 60, sexologist and sex therapist Dr Linda Kirkman said that her “research found that the baby boomer participants were having the best sex of their lives”.

Dr Kirkman affirmed that a “shift in mindset” from the standard “sexual script” can be life-changing, saying partners should have a conversation about desires and not be afraid to explore.

“Good sex does not have to include your genitals, it does not need an erect penis,” she said. “There’s some great toys that can help, and toys are a tool, not a threat.”

“If you have that curiosity and you’re being present for one another, you can use a sense of connection while you play. To take the time to ask what is it that you’ve really enjoyed, what haven’t you enjoyed and what you’re interested in to explore.”

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