Miriam Margolyes’ regretful question to the late Matthew Perry

Actress Miriam Margolyes has paid tribute to Matthew Perry and reveals the one thing she regrets saying to him. Source: Getty Images.

Actress Miriam Margolyes has paid tribute to fellow thespian, the late Matthew Perry, weeks after expressing her regret at the one question she shouldn’t have asked him.

The British actress, known for her roles in the Harry Potter series and The Age of Innocence, appeared alongside Perry on the Graham Norton Show in 2020 with actress Gemma Arterton and musician Jack Savoretti.

During the talk show, Margolyes had Norton and the audience in stitches while Perry, quite taken aback at her overshare about getting Lawrence Olivier’s autograph, squirmed in his seat.

Margolyes shared a video of the interview on her X (formerly Twitter) account and honoured the late actor (54) who passed away tragically at home on Saturday, 28 October.

She wrote, “RIP Matthew Perry. You will be missed by so many. A great man.”

Perry and Margolyes fans commiserated with the actress expressing their sadness at the actor’s untimely passing and thanking her for sharing such a wonderful memory.

In her 2023 memoir, Oh Miriam! Stories from an Extraordinary Life, Margolyes recalls the exchange but also expresses her regret at asking Perry if he was an alcoholic.

She said: “On reflection, I really wish I hadn’t,” and described the episode  as “one of the few times” she “didn’t quite ‘mesh’ with another guest” on a chat show.

On the contrary, Perry was quite open about his long battle with addiction and alcohol throughout his career. Last year he revealed the true extent of his pain in a tell-all memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing. 

News of his passing spread last Saturday when he was reportedly found unresponsive on his hot tub around 4pm.

The much loved sitcom actor and movie star will be sorely missed as friends, celebrities, fellow actors and fans share their condolences and fond memories. 




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