Meghan Markle concerned over Archie’s ‘growing interest in his royal connections’

May 17, 2024
As the Sussex children get older and the distance between Harry and Meghan and The Firm seemingly becomes wider, Meghan's concerns for her children have grown. Source: Getty Images.

In the fallout of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from the Royal Family in 2020, the pair have since been kept at arm’s length from members of The Firm.

While Harry and Meghan may be content with staying away from the royal spotlight, it now seems the consequences of their departure have extended to their son Archie who is reportedly “desperate” to visit the UK alongside his father, Harry.

In a recent interview with The Mirror, royal author Tom Quinn claimed that Archie’s growing interest in his UK heritage has become a cause for concern for Meghan.

“Archie loves the idea that his grandad lives in a castle and Meghan was worried that a magnificent shepherd’s hut or similar extravagant present will only increase Archie’s growing interest in his royal connections,” Quinn explained.

“She doesn’t want Britain to become a longed-for fantasy for her son so she had been pushing Harry to insist that his father gets Archie a simple present.

“But Charles is desperate to show he cares and he wants to be an indulgent grandparent, partly because he has mellowed over the years and wants to makeup for what he sees as his neglect of his own sons.

“King Charles hasn’t seen his grandson Archie since 2022 and Archie really misses him, many of Archie’s books are about kings, princesses and castles and he knows enough to know that his grandfather lives in a castle. He is apparently desperate to come to the UK with his father, but Meghan and Harry don’t want to encourage this.”

As the Sussex children get older and the distance between Harry and Meghan and The Firm seemingly becomes wider, Meghan’s concerns for her children have grown.

In a previous interview with the Mirror, Quinn offered further insight into Meghan’s fears regarding her children’s separation from their father’s UK-based family.

Despite her efforts to forge a new path away from the Royal Family, her children’s connections with their cousins, George, Charlotte, and Louis, has been a source of concern.

“She is also really worried that her children will have no real relationship of any kind with their cousins George, Charlotte and Louis – Meghan loves the idea of having a big happy family and hates it when people describe her childhood and her family as dysfunctional,” Quinn explained.

“She’s terrified history is going to repeat itself.”

Following years of public attacks levelled at the Royal Family, Meghan’s growing concerns for her children’s connection to the UK highlight the complexities of her relationship with the institution and nation she once called home.

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