Lisa Curry’s ‘unbearable sadness and anger’ following daughter’s death

Sep 27, 2020
Lisa Curry said she's going through a wave of emotions following the passing of her daughter Jaimi earlier this month. Source: Instagram/ Lisa Curry

Like any mother who has lost a child, Lisa Curry said she’s still struggling with “unbearable sadness and anger” following the death of her beloved daughter Jaimi earlier this month.

The 33-year-old tragically passed away a couple of weeks ago and the doting mother said she’s been going through waves of emotions ever since then. Taking to social media this week, the former Olympian thanked everyone for their support during this incredibly difficult time and explained while she’s usually the strong one, she’s needed to lean on others through the grieving process.

Lisa said they’ve received many flowers and have started to hand them to dry, while also learning to make pot pourri. But, it’s the thousands of messages that she’s randomly read that you really helped her these past weeks.

“I want you to know that your love, strength, comments and suggestions have been wonderful and really, really helpful… thank you,” she wrote in a post shared to Instagram. “You have shared with me your own personal stories of loss and grief and how you have slowly returned to a different normal… thank you. To the people in the street who come and just hug me… thank you.”

The 58-year-old continued: “I seem to be going through waves of different emotions, unbearable sadness to anger… I’m usually the one strong one but now I’m leaning on others for strength… so thank you.”

Lisa’s message of thanks comes a week after Jaimi was laid to rest in a funeral service last weekend. The loving mother posted another message to social media shortly after this, paying tribute to her daughter and remembering the beautiful person she was.

“As the last sun rays filtered through the trees onto you, fairy lights flickering everywhere around, with the most divine flowers surrounding you, and a room full of unconditional love, we farewelled you…. always our bubba,” she wrote.  “It was just perfect… beautiful, quiet, pretty and sparkly… just the way you would have wanted it.”

The mother of three continued: “Our little angel, you can now rest peacefully. Free of pain, free to flourish and free to grow, free to just be..

“Jaimi… as dad and I lovingly held you when you took your first breath, we lovingly held you as you took your last. Jaimi, my love, our hearts are aching, but know you will be forever with us, and forever loved wherever we go. Goodnight sweet girl… we hope you have a nice long sleep.”

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