Larry Emdur reveals the mental gymnastics that come with hosting ‘The Chase’

Jan 29, 2024
Reflecting on his early days with the show, Emdur described the initial period as "daunting". Source: Getty Images.

In the fast-paced world of quiz shows, where quick thinking and sharp intellect are crucial, Larry Emdur, the beloved host of The Chase, recently shared insights into the challenges he faces while at the helm of the popular game show.

Emdur, who took over hosting duties in 2021, revealed that navigating the intricacies of The Chase requires a level of focus and mental agility that he finds both intense and, at times, daunting.

“The Chase requires a lot more focus and I’m not a good reader, I’m not particularly bright,” he joked to 7News.

“So (I need to) really keep watch on the big words and what’s coming up.”

Reflecting on his early days with the show, Emdur described the initial period as “daunting”. However, he has since grown into the role, finding “joy” in the challenge that comes with hosting such a fast-paced and intellectually demanding program.

Having served as a game show host for three years, some might assume that Emdur is now a repository of knowledge, effortlessly riffing off fun facts here and there.

However, Emdur humorously disclosed, “the sad part is I don’t know what’s happening”.

He shared a glimpse into his school days, mentioning that he got kicked out early for struggling to concentrate, and playfully remarked, “I could possibly be the smartest person now in all of Channel 7 if I had have listened.”

Emdur further explained the challenges he faces during the rapid-fire questions on the show.

“Because what’s happening is the questions are coming so quickly, that I’m really focused on what’s coming up next,” he explained.

“So once I get halfway through a question, I’m just in reading mode and I’m not concentrating — which is a real shame because if I concentrated 50 per cent of the time I’d be so bright.

“I wish I did.”

Despite the challenges, Emdur recently celebrated a remarkable milestone with his 400th episode as host of The Chase, doing so in a wonderfully light-hearted fashion.

In an amusing Instagram post, Emdur openly admitted he was initially puzzled by a few balloons in his dressing room, only to later realise that his dedicated Chase team had planned a surprise to celebrate his impressive achievement.

“Yay!!! 400!!” he began.

“I’m stupid. I couldn’t work out what the balloons left in my changeroom meant until the smart guy from The Chase came in and helped. Thank you Chase team for surprising me on my 400th episode with cake, balloons and 2023 appropriate HR- approved hugs.”

In his post, Emdur extended a warm thanks to “Goliath” one of the show’s brainy quiz experts, for helping him decode the balloon puzzle, and expressed heartfelt gratitude to the fans who tune in every night.

“Thanks Goliath for helping me solve the tricky and very complicated balloon puzzle. And thank you Australia for watching The Chase xx. Time flies when you’re having fun,” he wrote.


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Emdur took over hosting duties for the show in 2021 after former host Andrew O’Keefe’s contract wasn’t renewed.

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