King Frederik’s amusing nickname revealed

An exhibition in honour of Danish King Frederik reveals a funny nickname given to him during his navy training days. Source: Getty Images.

In the rich tapestry of royal history, peculiar nicknames often weave themselves into the annals of time.

One which stands out is the Danish King Frederik’s endearing moniker which was recently revealed at an exhibition that follows the last 55 years of the newly minted Monarch’s life.

The exhibition, “Frederik 10 – King of Tomorrow”, opens to the public next week and features mementos and photographs collected from important milestones and moments in Frederik’s life.

Photos of the exhibit, which is due to be opened by King Frederik and his Australian-born wife, Queen Mary on March 21, were shared on the Danish Royal family’s official Instagram page.

“Preparations for the new portrait exhibition about His Majesty the King are in full swing,” the Instagram post said.

The post further explained, “Objects, portrait paintings, photographs and video, which tell the story of the King’s life and person, arrive these weeks at the Amalienborg Museum in Christian VIII’s Palace in Amalienborg, where the audience from March 22 to September 8 can experience the exhibition ‘Frederik 10 – King of tomorrow.'”

One of these items is a bright orange helmet from the King’s time spent as a frogman in the Frømandskorpset, Denmark’s naval elite special operations forces.

The helmet bears the unmistakable name, Pingo, across the front. A photograph of the Frederik wearing his helmet and looking to scale a wall is also included.

According to the Instagram post, the helmet and the sweet nickname hearken back to when the royal’s wetsuit malfunctioned and filled with water.

He was subsequently forced to waddle around like a penguin which earned him the name Pingo, after the children’s TV show, Pingu, who is a penguin.

King Frederik and his wife, Queen Mary ascended the Danish royal throne earlier this year on January 14.

The ascension ceremony took place just weeks after the unexpected announcement of Queen Margrethe II’s abdication. 

Upon signing the abdication declaration, Queen Margrethe gracefully rose and gestured for Frederik to assume her seat, proclaiming “God save the King” before gracefully exiting the room.

Set against the majestic backdrop of Christiansborg Castle, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen officially declared Frederik as the new King of Denmark, exclaiming, “Long live his majesty King Frederik the 10th.”



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