King Charles planning to ‘take a harder line with Harry’ moving forward

Jun 03, 2024
After years of public attacks, King Charles has seemingly had enough and is rumoured to be "changing his tactics" when it comes to dealing with Prince Harry. Source: Getty Images.

Following years of public attacks aimed at the Royal Family, King Charles has reportedly reached “the end of his tether” with Prince Harry and is planning “to take a harder line” with the troublesome royal.

After Harry and his wife Meghan Markle stepped back from their royal duties in 2020, their ties with the Royal Family have remained strained.

Adding fuel to the fire were revelations made in a 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, where the couple candidly discussed their struggles within the royal institution. This was followed by the release of Harry’s candid memoir and a series of interviews in which he continued to criticise The Firm.

After years of such behaviour, King Charles has seemingly had enough and is rumoured to be “changing his tactics” when it comes to dealing with Harry.

“Charles feels he has made huge effort to repair his relationship with his son, but that Harry refuses to give an inch. With that in mind Charles is changing his tactics,” royal author Tom Quinn recently told The Mirror.

“The new plan is to take a harder line with Harry; a move from good cop to bad cop, but palace insiders agree that Charles is at the end of his tether. He wants to be reconciled with his son, but nothing he does seems to work.

“One underlying problem is that Harry was never really that close to his father as a child – looked after by staff and shunted between Diana and Charles, Harry has always looked lost and forgotten and it’s too late now for his father to do anything about it.”

While King Charles has his gripes with Harry, the Prince himself is reportedly upset with the Royal Family.

In particular, Harry has taken issue with the lack of acknowledgement for his recent tour to Nigeria from members of the Royal Family.

During a previous discussion with The Mirror, Quinn explained that Harry is upset that The Firm isn’t offering their support.

“Harry and Meghan see their recent trip to Nigeria as a huge success, but for Harry, every success is another kind of failure while his family refuse to acknowledge his efforts and steadfastly refuse to apologize for everything that had happened in the past,” Quinn said.

“In Nigeria and even with Meghan at his side and regularly holding his hand, he still has a permanent look of bitterness on his face.”

While many royal watchers may have hoped that Prince Harry and King Charles were potentially moving toward reconciliation, it seems for now that the stand-off between father and son remains.

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