Jock Zonfrillo’s widow marks first Christmas without her husband with emotional post

Dec 28, 2023
As his family works to comprehend their loss and move forward, Zonfrillo’s widow Lauren recently reflected on her late husband’s absence as the family celebrated Christmas. Source: Getty Images.

This Christmas marked a poignant moment for the family of the late chef Jock Zonfrillo, as his widow, Lauren, took to social media to share an emotional post, paying tribute to her beloved husband on their first festive season without him.

Zonfrillo passed away unexpectedly earlier this on Sunday, April 30 at the age of 46, his death leaving a void not only in the culinary world but also in the hearts of his loved ones.

As his family works to comprehend their loss and move forward, Zonfrillo’s widow Lauren recently reflected on her late husband’s absence as the family celebrated Christmas.

Taking to Instagram, Lauren shared a series of photos from this year’s big day of her children unwrapping presents and enjoying the day alongside a poignant message in which she expressed her gratitude for the support she has received, acknowledging the difficulties of navigating the holiday season without her husband.

“It’s different this year. No less love or excitement, just my stubbornness to see the kid’s faces light up in spite of it all,” she began.

“As much as I willed yesterday to be over, I can’t skip this chapter. The long list of firsts, I hear they get easier, I believe that to be true.

“Watching our gorgeous children navigating their first Xmas, I can see now that tragedy will make them. It will make them fierce and fearless, they’ll have a strength no-one can quite put their finger on.

“And they will undoubtedly have a life bigger than the one Jock and I dreamt for them because of this. They’ll be stronger in the broken bits.

“As a family, we have been privileged to receive kindness beyond measure this past week, and across the whole year actually, during what has been a tough year for so many. Thank you. Loz.”

A wave of support quickly followed Lauren’s post, many offering solace during what must have been a difficult day to navigate.

“Sending much strength and love to you all. I am sure Jock is by yr side watching you all,” one fan wrote.

“Love to you all. You’re very inspiring.”

“The first Christmas is always the hardest. It gets easier as time goes on. Thinking of you all,” commented another.

“You are so right about the strength you find… this journey is a hard one but you have our eternal love and support throughout! Merry Christmas and big hugs to you all.”

“My heart hurts for you all. I can only imagine how it feels for you. Heartbreaking for you. Children are so resilient. We can learn so much from our children. Holding you and your dear family in live, strength and peace.”

Lauren consistently strives to maintain transparency and openness in discussing her grieving process, frequently using social media as a platform to connect with her audience while navigating the challenges of life without her husband.

In commemoration of what would have been Zonfrillo’s 47th birthday, Lauren expressed her heartfelt emotions in a poignant message.

On Friday, August 4, she shared a touching video compilation on Instagram, paying tribute to her departed husband through a collection of joyous moments they had experienced together.

“Happy birthday my love. Some moments from your birthdays together, never more special than today,” she wrote alongside the video.

“Today the kids and I are together; spending time with you, watering your grass, singing you songs, still not grasping what forever is like without you in it.

“You eclipsed our family with your chaos and fun, and we are trying to find our new true north. I’m grateful that we are finding moments of joy in our smaller family, knowing that you are forever my husband, forever their Dad/Papa, forever a part of all of us. lz”




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