Jock Zonfrillo’s widow commends Jimmy Barnes for resilience amid health battle while praising his unwavering support

Dec 17, 2023
Lauren's message of support comes as Barnes appeared in good spirits lately as he continues his recovery from open heart surgery. Source:Instagram/@jimmybarnesofficial/ @zonfrillo.

Amid the spotlight that often accompanies fame, there are moments of genuine connection and support that transcend the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

Such is the case with legendary Australian rock icon Jimmy Barnes, who is currently facing a formidable health challenge with admirable resilience, drawing praise from an unexpected source—Jock Zonfrillo’s widow.

Zonfrillo’s widow, Lauren, took to social media to express her heartfelt commendation for Barnes and the special place he holds within the Zonfrillo clan. In a touching tribute, Lauren lauded the rock legend for his courage, strength, and the profound impact he has had on their lives while thanking Barnes for being a source of strength and comfort during tough times.

“You find people in your life that you were just meant to stumble upon. Our two Scotsmen found each other, they were like brothers. And from that, the kids and I found an extended family,” she began.

“Jimmy is so impossibly strong – I would say unbreakable – and that’s one of the main reasons he’s pushed through the last few weeks like the extraordinary man that he is.

“I can’t even start to list off everything @jimmybarnesofficial , @jane13barnes , their kids, their family, and their friends have all done for the kids and I this year. This is group of humans where you see a drop, they see an ocean. It’s the real sense of a clan.

“In true Jimmy/Jock style – 2023, that’s enough now, you can f*%k right off. Loz.”

Fans of both Barnes and Zonfrillo were quick to respond to the heartfelt post, some wishing the Working Class Man hitmaker all the best and others offering support to Lauren.

“We laughed a lot together Loz,” Barnes’ wife Jane wrote.

“Yes Loz so well said …two incredible humans. Jimmy will power through this set back and the friendship you share with him and the beautiful Barnes family will always warm your heart . And yes f… off 2023!” commented one fan.

“Speedy recovery jimmy barnes i’ve been a fan for way over 40 years seen cold chisel in my teens many times great memories from my youth im glad loz you have such a true friend.

“Happy to hear you’re surrounded by loving and supportive friends. Still thinking a lot of you and the kids. Much love from Amsterdam,” another shared.

Lauren’s message of support comes as Barnes appeared in good spirits lately as he continues his recovery from open heart surgery.

Barnes left fans in a state of shock and concern on Wednesday, December 13 when he announced that he was to undergo open heart surgery after a bacterial infection spread to his heart.

Since then Barnes’ wife, Jane, has kept his adoring fanbase up to date with his recovery journey with regular posts via social media.

In her most recent update, Barnes was shown up and about as he continues to make massive strides in his recovery.

“@jane13barnes here with ‘Our Jimmy’ update for all you well wishers sending in #positivity,” she wrote.

“Day 3 post op we had a few walks up and down the hallway, 250m I’d say. A tough & fragile day but here’s a big brave smile for us. Keep up the good work Jimmy.”


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