Jane Fonda’s rules for romance, only younger suitors need apply

Dec 03, 2023
Jane Fonda has made a candid admission about what it would take for her to date again. Source: Getty Images

Grace and Frankie star Jane Fonda has spent most of her life making headlines. Whether it be in front of the camera or offscreen, she has always had a lot to say and has never been one to mince words.

With a remarkable acting career spanning seven decades and a rich history of political activism that could fill pages, Fonda has recently sparked intrigue by delving into discussions about her romantic life.

In a recent interview with comedian Heather McMahan on her podcast Absolutely Not, the topic of conversation turned to dating.

“When you’re out and about and doing this. Do you wanna, do you really wanna take care of another guy?” McMahan posed to Fonda.

Fonda promptly was quick to dismiss the proposition.

“Not a care, I am not a caregiver. I mean, I like people to think I am, but I’m not,” Fonda said.

Fonda then decided to follow-up by revealing the one thing that would get her back into the dating game.

“And here’s another thing, I’m ashamed to say this, but if I were to take a lover, he’d have to be 20,” she joked.

McMahan and the production crew soon erupted into laughter.

“Now, why specifically 20?” McMahan then asked Fonda.

“Because I don’t like old skin,” Fonda said, provoking further laughter.

Fonda has been married three times. She last divorced from CNN founder Ted Turner in 2001. She had two long term relationships afterward but did not marry again. When asked about her love life back in 2018, Fonda said that she had exited the dating game.

“I’m not dating anymore, but I did up until a couple of years ago. I’m 80, I’ve closed up shop down there!” she said.

While Fonda is joking, she does join a long list of older celebrities who have expressed a preference for dating people several decades their junior. Madonna has dated mostly younger men since her separation from Guy Ritchie in 2008.

Lionel Ritchie is currently dating Lisa Parigi who is a good forty years his junior. Robert DeNiro and Mick Jagger have recently become fathers again despite being well into their senior years.

Fonda appears to echo the often expressed sentiment that age is just a number. Earlier this year, Fonda expressed that she felt far younger than her years in an interview on the Wiser Than Me podcast, hosted by Seinfeld actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

“Spiritually and mentally and psychologically, I’m way younger,” Fonda said at the time.

“One of the things that I’ve learned as I’ve gotten into serious old age is when you’re inside it as opposed to looking at it from the outside, it’s not nearly as scary,” she added.

Some solid advice for aging gracefully on the inside!

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