Jane Fonda’s unflattering dig at former co-star Robert Redford

May 28, 2023
Despite Fonda's seemingly harsh assessment of Redford, she did concede that the pair "always had a good time". Source: Getty Images.

Grace and Frankie star Jane Fonda held little back during a discussion about her former co-star Robert Redford, revealing that he was “always in a bad mood” and that he “has an issue with women”.

Fonda made the remarks during an interview at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival on Friday, May 26, as reported by Deadline.

“He did not like to kiss,” she revealed.

“I never said anything [to him about it]. And he’s always in a bad mood, and I always thought it was my fault.

“He’s a very good person. He just has an issue with women.”

The pair first worked together on The Chase in 1966 with their most recent collaboration on the 2017 film Our Souls at Night in which Fonda realised that, despite the years that has passed, not much had changed about her co-star.

“The last movie I made with him was six years ago [Our Souls at Night]. What was I, about 80 years old or something like that. And I finally knew I had grown up,’ she said.

“When he would come on the set three hours late in a bad mood, I knew it wasn’t my fault.”

Despite her seemingly harsh assessment of Redford, she did concede that the pair “always had a good time”.

It would seem that despite her difficult experience with Redford, Fonda has not been jaded by her experience after recently speaking about the power of friendships and the importance of actively pursuing the people you want in your life.

In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the 85-year-old Grace and Frankie star recounted how her “favourite ex-husband” Ted Turner told her that people over 60 “don’t make new friends” but argued that he was “really, really wrong”.

She said that having a solid friend group “is very important to our health” especially if you feel comfortable enough to let your guard down around them.

Fonda pointed out the difference between male and female friends, suggesting that, unlike men, women go the extra mile for one another.

“You guys, you kind of sit side-by-side and watch sports or cars or women,” she said.

“Women sit facing each other, eye-to-eye, and they say, ‘I’m in trouble, I need you, can you help me?’ We’re not afraid of being vulnerable.

“I don’t even know what I would do without my women friends. I mean it’s, ‘I have my friends, therefore I am.’”

Fonda went on to explain that when you’re older, creating a meaningful friendship with others can be a bit of a struggle, but recommends that the best way to overcome this is by being “intentional”.

“You have to pursue people that you want to be friends with,” she said.

“And you have to say, ‘I’m intentionally wanting to be your friend.’ And it works. People hear that and then they stick around, and you develop new friendships.”

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