It’s a wrap: Iconic Fantales chocolate to be discontinued

Jun 21, 2023
The final production of Fantales is scheduled to take place in mid-July. Source: Facebook Australia Our Yesteryears | The Chocolate Shop Pakenham | Cannich Stores

In a bittersweet announcement that is sure to stir up nostalgia among chocolate enthusiasts, it has been confirmed that the beloved Fantales chocolates, known for their delightful blend of rich chocolate and celebrity trivia, will soon no longer be found on supermarket shelves.

With a legacy spanning nearly a century and a dedicated fan base that stretches across generations, this decision marks the end of an era for these iconic treats, leaving a void in the hearts and taste buds of chocolate lovers across Australia.

Nestlé made the shocking announcement on Tuesday, June 20, saying that the chocolate would stop being produced from next month.

According to Australian Food TimelineFantales were first introduced in the 1930s and were synonymous with the movie-going experience for years.

However, Nestlé claims that the production of the beloved sweets is no longer financially viable.

“We know our decision to stop making Fantales will be sad news for many people,” Nestlé Oceania Confectionery General Manager Andrew Lawrey said in a statement.

“Many of us grew up with Fantales and have fond memories of them.

“Despite the sense of nostalgia Fantales evoke, unfortunately, people simply aren’t buying them as often as they used to.”

Lawrey explained that it has become “increasingly difficult” to source the parts needed to maintain the equipment used to produce the lollies. Adding that “with [Fantales] declining sales, replacing it isn’t viable.”

The news of Fantale chocolates being discontinued has sent waves of sadness and nostalgia across the nation, leaving many reminiscing about the cherished moments these iconic treats have brought into their lives.

The final production of Fantales is scheduled to take place in mid-July. Nestlé has also assured the public that the dedicated staff currently involved in the production line will transition to new roles within the factory.

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