‘It was kind of unfortunate’: Sam Neill recalls mortifying encounter with Princess Diana

Mar 08, 2024
As the movie progressed and excitement filled the air, Neill's 10-year-old son, Tim, apparently got a bit carried away, and the situation took an unexpected turn. Source: Getty Images.

In a candid and amusing revelation, iconic actor Sam Neill spilled the beans on a memorable encounter with the late Princess Diana during a royal movie premiere in London.

Neill, 76, shared the hilarious tale of attending the premiere of Jurassic Park with his son who unwittingly created an awkward situation that left the actor sweating in his suit and bowtie.

“There was a royal premiere in London, and it was, it was sort of a fortuitous occasion — you don’t get to sit beside Princess Diana every day,” he told TODAY.

As the movie progressed and excitement filled the air, Neill’s 10-year-old son, Tim, apparently got a bit carried away, and the situation took an unexpected turn.

“But my son was sitting on the other side [of me] and it was kind of unfortunate, because once it starts getting exciting, about 45 minutes in, he was so carried away with things — he was about 10 years old at this point — he started to fart unreasonably,” he recalled.

“It wasn’t that audible, but it was very, very [smelly].

“And there was sort of a draft through the cinema, and it was all drifting in the Princess’ direction. And I was there in my suit and bowtie and things, sweating like crazy because I thought, ‘The princess is going to think this is me. And it’s this little boy here.’ ”

As Neill shared the story, he couldn’t help but chuckle at the memory.

30He hates me telling that story, but it’s absolutely true,” he said.

“He’s grown now… but I’m never going to another premiere with him!”

Neill made an appearance on TODAY to discuss his return to the small screen in the gripping miniseries Apples Never Fall, marking his 10th project since being diagnosed with stage 3 blood cancer in 2021.

Neill recently updated fans on his health journey after concerns grew for the star’s well-being.

In an emotional interview with Australian Story last year, Neill revealed that after chemotherapy proved ineffective in his battle against cancer his doctors transitioned him to anti-cancer medication which resulted in him going into remission for over 12 months.

Despite this moment of respite, Neill acknowledged that his medical team had informed him that the effectiveness of the treatment wouldn’t last forever, a reality he is “prepared for”.

“I’m not in any way frightened of dying. That doesn’t worry me. It’s never worried me from the beginning, but I would be annoyed,” he told the program.

“I’d be annoyed because there are things I still want to do. Very irritating, dying. But I’m not afraid of it.”

His comments sent fans into a frenzy of concern, but the actor swiftly responded, quelling their worries with a touching and reassuring message.

“I made a passing remark that the treatment I’m on, which has me in remission, will inevitably fail one day, he began.

“It’s nothing to worry about. I’m in remission and plan to be in remission for many years to come.

“At such time as it does fail, we’ll try something else. There are all sorts of things that are happening with cancer these days. It’s a whole new ball game.

“So please stop worrying, I’m getting a lot of messages on social media and from friends. Sorry to worry everybody – it’s all good, it’s all fine. It’s a beautiful day, I’m off to work.”

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