‘Sorry to worry everybody’: Sam Neill’s emotional message to fans following latest health update

Oct 18, 2023
Sam Neill's latest health update sent fans into a frenzy of concern, but the actor swiftly responded, quelling their worries with a touching and reassuring message. Source: Getty Images.

Beloved actor Sam Neill took to Instagram recently to share a heartfelt message with his fans, offering reassurance and gratitude following a recent health update that left many concerned.

The 76 year old star, known for his iconic roles in films such as Jurassic Park and The Hunt for Red October, recently shared that the treatment he’s undergoing to fight blood cancer will eventually stop working.

In an emotional interview with Australian Story, Neill revealed that after chemotherapy proved ineffective in his battle against cancer his doctors transitioned him to anti-cancer medication which resulted in him going into remission for over 12 months.

Despite this moment of respite, Neill acknowledged that his medical team had informed him that the effectiveness of the treatment wouldn’t last forever, a reality he is “prepared for”.

“I’m not in any way frightened of dying. That doesn’t worry me. It’s never worried me from the beginning, but I would be annoyed,” he told the program.

“I’d be annoyed because there are things I still want to do. Very irritating, dying. But I’m not afraid of it.”

His latest update sent fans into a frenzy of concern, but the actor swiftly responded, quelling their worries with a touching and reassuring message.

“I made a passing remark that the treatment I’m on, which has me in remission, will inevitably fail one day, he began.

“It’s nothing to worry about. I’m in remission and plan to be in remission for many years to come.

“At such time as it does fail, we’ll try something else. There are all sorts of things that are happening with cancer these days. It’s a whole new ball game.

“So please stop worrying, I’m getting a lot of messages on social media and from friends. Sorry to worry everybody – it’s all good, it’s all fine. It’s a beautiful day, I’m off to work.”


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Neill’s moving message was quickly met with an outpouring of support and love from relieved fans.

“I think you are the most amiable and humble person on the planet Sam. So glad you are doing so well. Loved Aus Story last night. Stay well,” one fan wrote.

“Oh Sam, this warms my heart to hear. So grateful you’re doing what you love and are smiling. You bring a smile to all our faces… and for so many years! We appreciate you.”

“Beyond relieved for this update. So glad you’re OK,” another commented.

“So glad to hear the news. Take care of yourself Sam. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.”

“Sending you positive thoughts & prayers. We know you & your medical team will do whatever it takes to keep you here with us and your family.”

Neill triggered a similar wave of concern for his well-being when he originally disclosed details of his health battle in his memoir, Did I Ever Tell You This?

After concerns began to grow, he took to social media to assure fans he was doing fine and is still “alive and kicking”.

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