‘I think it would be cool’: Dylan Alcott opens up about starting a family

Feb 16, 2023
Dylan Alcott will have plenty of time for kids after hanging up his racquet in 2022 after an impressive on court career. Source: Getty Images.

In addition to being a lauded former athlete and previously being named Australian of the Year, Dylan Alcott is planning to add yet another string to his bow after revealing fatherhood may be on the horizon.

Following an impressive professional tennis career in which Alcott achieved a Golden Slam, the 32-year-old is now keen to start a family with partner Chantelle Otten.

The couple discussed their plans during an episode of Big Miracles, revealing that although they aren’t planning on having children any time soon it is something they have discussed.

“We spoke about it and we thought about having kids early on, but then as time progressed, while we have never challenged the want to have kids with each other, our lives have become very busy and our respective careers have both taken very amazing and interesting pathways. So we’re just not in the space to be having children right now,” Otten explained.

“It is, however, something we talk about often and are excited about.”

Alcott shared that he was “super pumped” to be a father “one day”.

“It’s something we’re excited to think further about in the future,” he said.

Alcott even revealed that he’d be happy with several children and even spoke of how “cool” it would be to have twins.

“Why not! I think it would be cool,” he said.

“I like the idea of our kids having a little friend with them at all times. However, we will be happy with absolutely anything.”

Alcott will have plenty of time to spend with his future kids after hanging up his racquet in 2022 following an impressive on-court career.

In a previous interview with New Idea, Alcott opened up about what life was like in retirement while joking that he is now a “washed-up athlete”.

Alcott also reflected on being “more present” in his post-retirement life after being consumed by the sport for much of his life.

“I missed years of birthdays, celebrations and simple moments, so I’m enjoying being able to be more present, now I’m a washed-up athlete,” he said.

Alcott had an impressive career on the court. At the young age of 16, Alcott showed a talent for tennis, ranking among the top five juniors in the world.

He won the New Zealand Open in 2014 and in July of the same year he defeated world number three Andy Lapthorne in the British Open Wheelchair Tennis Championship final in Nottingham to win his first Super Series crown.

He finished 2015 ranked number one after winning eight titles which included two grand slam titles.

Alcott made history in 2021, becoming the third professional tennis player to achieve a Golden Slam after securing wins in the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, the US Open and the singles gold medal at the 2020 Summer Paralympics.

He retired from tennis in January 2022, after his Australian Open 2022 quad wheelchair singles final on January 27 against Sam Schroder.

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