How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s public attacks have unified the Royal Family

Apr 01, 2024
Source: Getty Images.

Since stepping back from their roles as senior royals in January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not shied away from expressing their grievances with the Royal Family. From bombshell interviews to Harry’s memoir, the couple has made headlines with their critiques.

However, rather than driving a wedge between royal family members, these criticisms have fostered a sense of solidarity among the King, the Queen, Prince William, and Princess Catherine, according to Lady Colin Campbell.

Campbell, an esteemed commentator on royal affairs, shared her insights with GBN America, shedding light on the unexpected consequences of Harry and Meghan’s public criticism.

“They’re almost a unit. They, and each of them, function in keeping with the best interests of, not only the monarchy, but each other’s interests,” she said.

“Because they’re all very decent, family orientated and loving people who want everything to go as well as it can. They’re very positive, the four of them.

“All this adversity, not only the health issues, but all of the problems with Harry and Meghan has brought them all together.”

The Royal Family has found itself grappling with a series of health challenges lately, further emphasising the importance of unity in these trying times.

Both King Charles and Princess Catherine are currently facing battles with cancer, adding an additional layer of complexity to the family dynamics.

Harry’s departure from the Royal Family in 2020, commonly referred to as “Megxit”, signaled a major shift in the traditional dynamics of the Monarchy. Alongside Meghan Markle, Harry sought a more independent and private life, distancing himself from the intense media scrutiny that had been a constant presence throughout his life.

The decision was accompanied by revelations in a 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, where the couple candidly discussed their struggles within the royal institution. The interview shed light on the challenges they faced and strained relationships within the family, sparking widespread public discussion.

Since stepping back, Prince Harry’s ties with the Royal Family have remained strained. While occasional public appearances hint at attempts at reconciliation, the distance remains palpable.

Despite external pressures and internal challenges, the King, the Queen, Prince William, and Princess Catherine remain united.

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