‘Hang in there’: Chezzi Denyer shares inspiring message about ‘brave’ daughter Sunday

Aug 12, 2023
Moved by Chezzi's words, fans were quick to comment on the post and praise her for her inspiring message. Source: Instagram/ @grantdenyer

While beloved television personality Grant Denyer regularly takes to social media to update fans on his daughter Sunday’s health journey, his wife Chezzi took a turn recently to share an inspiring message about their daughter’s recent struggles.

The Denyer clan’s youngest daughter had been in a full-body cast for several months after undergoing surgery for hip dysplasia.

After the toddler recently had the full-body cast removed fans were treated to several videos of the little one enjoying her newfound freedom as she ran and danced around the Denyer family home.

Now with her daughter well and truly overcoming her recent struggles, Chezzi took to Instagram to inspire other parents going through the same thing to “hang in there” while celebrating her daughter’s promising progress.

“What a HUGE leap in one year for our little hippy baby, Sunday,” she began.

“And to any parents out there with a newly diagnosed bubba… hang in there.. the nights are long and the days even longer when you’re got a baby in a brace or a spica cast. It’s absolute torment seeing your baby in pain or uncomfortable. You think you won’t be able to cope.

“The lack of sleep. The constant discomfort. The lump in your throat when you encourage your baby to go in for another procedure. Another general anaesthetic. The fear you feel in the pit of your stomach. Trying to keep your eyes on the end goal. You need to be strong for them. The heat of the cast. The pressure points. The dry sore skin you massage and moisturise where you can. And the mess. The spica cast mess and the smell.

“Taking them to all the medical appointments, the check ups, X-rays, operations, physio, additional fittings, MRI’s, more tests.

“Adapting and changing your entire life for an indefinite period can be paralysing – New prams, specially created car seats, cots, mattresses, high-chairs, specially made clothes, nappies, accessories, activities.

“Having to stop work, take leave, giving up daycare with little hope of getting your days back down the track, not being able to travel easily, having to sacrifice activities with older kids, nursing your toddler for hours unable to do much else, trying to keep them occupied when they can’t move and they’re bored… all of these might seem trivial to someone on the outside.. but when you’re in it, every single thing you know or you’ve learnt or even want to do must change to accomodate your hippy baby, and that too can be terrifying.

“Make sure you take care of yourself as well as your baby. It’s hard and tiring and stressful and scary.. but feeling all of those things and expressing all of the emotions when you can is a must. Connect with the fantastic online communities for advice and compassion. The Facebook groups were my life saver last year.. and I’m so grateful for the help I received online and from some beautiful Mums in my local area who reached out when they saw me occasionally walking along carrying Sunday in her cast and brace. Thank you.”

Moved by Chezzi’s words, fans were quick to comment on the post and praise her for her inspiring message.

“Sooo wonderful to read this! She is one brave & clever gal! Thank you also for the comforting words. We have another X-Ray next month & keeping everything crossed,” one fan wrote.

“You all had such a long and tough road but she is such a little delight! It’s beautiful to see her running around so happy and free.”

“A BIG year! Thank you for sharing Sunday’s journey (and your journey). You’ve helped raise awareness for this common condition,” commented another.

“There’s something about this little kiddo that just makes me smile.”

“Wonderful Sunday wonderful family.”

Denyer himself has made a dedicated effort to keep his fans up to date with his daughter’s progress, ensuring his fans are always up to date with how his daughter’s recovery is progressing and her latest adorable escapades.


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