Grant Denyer’s daughter, Sunday, takes centre stage as fans go wild over her latest antics

Jul 21, 2023
Sunday's delightful behaviour proved to be an absolute delight for fans. Source: Instagram/ @grantdenyer

Beloved television personality Grant Denyer has delighted his loyal fan base after taking to social media to share an utterly adorable photo of his daughter Sunday indulging in some heartwarming antics.

In the candid snapshot, Sunday couldn’t resist the temptation of her mum’s makeup bag and decided to have a little fun by trying on her lipstick, creating an utter mess in the process.

“Yes I can see your lipstick Sunday. Good job. Mum’s gonna love it!” Denyer captioned the photo.


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A post shared by Grant Denyer (@grantdenyer)

Despite the obvious mess left behind by Sunday’s playful antics, her delightful behaviour proved to be an absolute hit with fans. The comments section of the post quickly filled with messages from followers revelling in the cuteness of the photo.

“Looks like a lot of fun gorgeous little sweetheart,” one fan wrote.

“Oh she is such a little treasure..keep you both on your toes.”

“Too cute.”

“Just made me laugh out loud,” another admitted.

“I love Sunday! She’s such a great character.”

In addition to the latest video, Denyer recently shared a heartwarming video of his youngest daughter dancing around the house, providing an uplifting update for Sunday, who has been courageously facing health challenges.

Denyer’s daughter had been in a full-body cast for several months after undergoing surgery for hip dysplasia.

The toddler recently had the full-body cast removed and has been enjoying her newfound freedom, the recent video shared by Denyer showing her twirling and dancing around their home

“Sunday Adams & her killer moves ???????? ???? but I admit it… this is just a shameless post of cuteness overload for maximum likes for Daddy. Who says having kids doesn’t pay #hitthelikebutton #subscribe #follow for more quality content like this,” Denyer wrote alongside the video.


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A post shared by Grant Denyer (@grantdenyer)

Denyer has made a dedicated effort to keep his fans up to date with his daughter’s progress, ensuring his fans are always up to date with how his daughter’s recovery is progressing and her latest adorable escapades.



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