Grandma becomes an internet sensation over ‘brutal’ method for ranking her favourite grandkids

Oct 26, 2022
Comedian Dan La Morte shared his grandmother's ranking system to the social media platform Tik Tok where it has been viewed over 2 million times and amassed close to 300,000 likes. Source: Getty Images.

A grandmother in the US has become an internet sensation after her unique system for ranking her favourite children went viral.

Mary La Morte, 85, has taken playing favourites to the extreme with a “ranking board” in her New Jersey home that features her 10 grandchildren’s faces on magnets that she rearranges based on who is her favorite at the time.

Comedian Dan La Morte shared his grandmother’s ranking system to the social media platform Tik Tok where it has been viewed over 2 million times and amassed close to 300,000 likes.

“She has a board of the 10 grandchildren’s faces on magnets and she ranks us from one to 10,” Dan explained in the video.

“I’m currently at No. 4, this is the highest I’ve been.”

@danlamorte My ranking on my grandma’s leaderboard after showing her my new tattoos ????????❤️‍???????? #savage #funnyvideo #family #familyvideo #funny #grandma #grandmavideo #lmfao #familything #familyfun #familyfeud #grandparents #tattoo #ranking #rankingstuff #funnygrandma #familycomedy #cousins #cousinsgoals ♬ original sound – Dan LaMorte

Although Dan had reached a spot in the coveted top 5, he revealed that he was “nervous” about losing his top spot after getting a tattoo.

“But I did just get two new tattoos, so I’m a bit nervous about what that’s going to do for my ranking,” he said.

Dan’s fears were quickly realised when after showing his grandmother his new ink he was dropped to last place. However, his position at the bottom of the pack was short-lived when he made it back to the top after achieving internet fame for his beloved grandmother.

“I’m now at No. 3 because Nanny is excited about being an internet star. She’s giving me credit for that,” he told Today.

“The day after the TikTok went viral, she went and got her hair and nails done.”

The public was quick to share their feelings regarding the grandmother’s ranking system, with some left horrified while others found humour in the situation.

“This needs to be a series; I need to know every time someone moves up or down and why,” one said.

“The fact she has a ranking board is so funny.”

“The trauma this would give me. Thank god it’s not my grandma,” commented another.

“This is brutal. I think families who openly pick favorites are fascinating. Our gram loves us all equally, or so we think.”

“Iconic,” another simply stated.

La Morte isn’t the only grandmother that has attained widespread internet fame. In 2021 an Australian grandmother went viral after demonstrating her method for folding a fitted sheet with ease.

TikTok user amymaree922 shared the video of her mother’s genius hack for perfectly folding the notoriously tricky item.

“Thanks mum for the tip on how to fold the fitted sheet!” Amy wrote.

The video shows a purple fitted sheet spread across a classic Hills Hoist clothesline as the grandmother turns each side in until it’s folded neatly on the line.

Filmed to the comically classical tunes of Kevin McLeod’s “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys”, the grandmother then cautiously slides it off the clothes line, making an effort to keep the perfectly formed shape.

@amymaree922 Thanks Mum for the tip on how to fold a fitted sheet! #foryoupage #fittedsheet #mumhacks ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

She then folds the sheet over several times until she is left with an immaculate square.

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