Aussie Grandma goes viral with genius laundry hack

Sep 23, 2021
Grandma goes viral for folding hack. Source: TikTok, amymaree922

A particularly difficult laundry day task has transformed an Aussie grandmother into a viral sensation after a TikTok video of her folding a fitted sheet with relative ease was shared to social media. 

TikTok user amymaree922 shared the video of her mother’s genius hack for perfectly folding the notoriously tricky item. 

“Thanks mum for the tip on how to fold the fitted sheet!” Amy wrote.

The video shows a purple fitted sheet spread across a classic Hills Hoist clothesline as the grandmother turns each side in until it’s folded neatly on the line.

Filmed to the comically classical tunes of Kevin McLeod’s “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys”, the grandmother then cautiously slides it off the clothes line, making an effort to keep the perfectly formed shape.

She then folds the sheet over several times until she is left with an immaculate square.

“How did she even hang it up so nicely in the first place?”

“She cracked a code we didn’t even know existed.”

“I literally rip it off the line and stuff it in my cupboard haha.”

“So you don’t roll in a ball and hide in a cupboard.”

“Absolutely amazing! Folding is an art and your mum is amazingly gifted.”


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