Fans in stitches after Larry Emdur humorously reveals how he spices things up in the bedroom

Jan 04, 2024
It seems Larry Emdur has not only conquered the world of television but has now ventured into the realm of relationship advice. Source: Getty Images.

Beloved television personality Larry Emdur recently took to Instagram to share some side-splitting advice for adding a dash of excitement to the bedroom.

Fans were left in stitches as Emdur, the charismatic host of The Chase, humorously spilled the beans on his secret recipe for spicing things up behind closed doors.

The Australian TV icon playfully captioned the Instagram video, urging fans to pay attention to the importance of injecting fun and games into their romantic lives.

With a mischievous glint in his eye, Emdur set the stage for the big reveal, showcasing his unique approach to intimacy.

As the video unfolded, Emdur didn’t disappoint, unveiling his surprising weapon of choice – none other than The Chase board game.

“I read an article in which a sexologist said once you’re married for more than 20 years you should play “games” in bed to spice things up .. Sooooooooooooo,” he advised.


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Fans were quick to express their amusement in the comments, with many praising Emdur for his light-hearted approach to intimacy.

“Too funny,” one fan wrote in response.

“Sexy stuff mate.”

“Sure she’ll love that,” commented another.

“Larry! Way to spice it up! Happy New Year.”

Social media platforms were equally buzzing when Emdur took to social media recently to commemorate a remarkable milestone – 29 years of love and laughter with his cherished wife, Sylvie.

Emdur poured his heart into a touching tribute dedicated to his lifelong partner. The touching post included a snapshot of the pair, hand in hand, savouring a picturesque view.

“29 years today. 29 years of holding hands and watching sunsets, 29 years of love and laughs, 29 years of ups and downs but mainly ups and 29 years of me loving you more than anything,” he wrote.

“Happy Anniversary Sylvie, apparently the present for 29 years is furniture, I was going to take you out for a fancy nice dinner but let’s go to IKEA instead.”


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Emdur has unquestionably raised the standard for husbands nationwide through his consistent social media posts, showering his wife with praise. Fans and colleagues alike have swiftly commend Emdur for his heartfelt expressions towards his partner.

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