Expert reveals clever vacuum trick ‘to remove the most dirt and hair from your carpet’

Jan 30, 2024
Clean smarter, not harder with this game-changing vacuuming technique that could leave your carpets cleaner than ever before. Source: Getty Images.

Are you ready to revolutionise the way you vacuum? Cleaning expert Brandon Pleshek has just dropped a cleaning bombshell that might make you rethink your entire approach.

In a video shared on his TikTok channel, @cleanthatup, Pleshek reveals the game-changing vacuuming technique that could leave your carpets cleaner than ever before.

“Here’s a quick tip to remove the most dirt and hair from your carpet and rugs. Vacuum in a 360 pattern. This is really good for shag rugs and very thick pile carpet because you’re moving the fibres around, unlocking any deeply embedded dirt and hair,” he said.

The 360 pattern, as demonstrated in the video, involves vacuuming in all directions—up and back, one way, and then the opposite way. It’s a dynamic approach that ensures a thorough and comprehensive cleaning, going beyond the conventional methods and reaching into the depths of your carpet’s fibers.

“Another thing I like to recommend when vacuuming rugs is to always flip it over and make sure you give the back a quick vacuum,” he added.

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As users tuned in to Pleshek’s groundbreaking cleaning revelation, a wave of enthusiastic reactions flooded in, expressing admiration for the innovative 360-degree vacuuming method.

“Love this so much,” one wrote.

“I would have never thought about the 360. that’s a great idea,” commented another.

“I never thought of this! Thanks!”

While Pleshek’s method is impressive, another simple yet remarkably effective cleaning hack recently took the internet by storm after an expert revealed a clever method to make cleaning those tricky spots on sliding doors a breeze.

Taking to Instagram, user ACleanBee, shared how fitting an empty cardboard toilet roll to the end of a vacuum cleaner nozzle helps tackle the dirt that collects in the sliding door tracks.

Where traditional vacuum attachments fail, the flexibility of the cardboard roll proves to be the perfect fit for various track sizes.

To ensure a spotless finish, she wiped away any remaining residue with a mixture of white vinegar and water.

“Cleaning window and door tracks CAN actually be easy! Who knew?” she wrote.

“Tried this toilet paper/paper towel roll hack and being the lazy gal that I am, I was so pleased by the results to effort ratio.”


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The online community quickly erupted with excitement as many applauded the ingenious toilet paper roll trick with many keen to give it a go.

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