Elton John reveals next move after retiring from touring

Sir Elton John and husband David Furnish could be on the brink of creating a musical using the singer's classic songs. Source: Getty Images.

Last year the curtain finally fell on one legendary chapter of Elton John’s illustrious career, touring and live shows.

Less than a year after hanging up his bedazzled touring boots after his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, the Rocketman superstar has hinted that another transformative venture may be on the cards.

According to The Sun, the 76-year-old hitmaker is considering putting on his own musical featuring hits like Your Song, Candle in the Wind and Tiny Dancer.

Speaking to The Sun while hosting his annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscars viewing party, a high-profile exclusive event looking to raise funds for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and research, Elton’s husband David Furnish, revealed they are thinking about creating a musical-based on his classic hits.

61-year-old David said, “A catalogue musical, we are always looking at it. I haven’t found anything yet that really covers… I think if we wanted to do it, we would want to do it in a way that was really innovative and really exciting and different.

“We’re open to any great ideas and it’s a wonderful catalogue. But at the moment, with the two other musicals, we’re quite busy as it is.”

The musicals he refers to are Elton’s Devil Wears Prada show launching in July and a musical, Tammy Faye about televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker, which will debut on Broadway later this year.

All this despite Elton taking a spill in Monaco in August last year and a more recent knee replacement which left the star barely able to walk the red carpet at his own event.

David updated the media on the singer’s health saying, “He’s doing amazing. He’s having another knee done in a couple of weeks and by the time the summer rolls around, he’ll have two brand new spanking knees.

“I think you’ll see him breakdancing down the carpet next year.”

There was also some suggestion that Elton could potentially be returning to the stage soon in another capacity.

“I don’t think Elton’s going to try to top Glastonbury. He drew a curtain over his touring career, I don’t think he will stop performing completely,” Furnish said.

“I think he’s going to take advantage of the opportunity to do little shows now and again but he’s not going to tour anymore. He’s done that for 50 years and he’s enjoying being at home with his family.

“It hasn’t exactly slowed down in the Furnish-John household.”

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