‘Changed my life’: The sauce bottle hack that saves every last drop

Aug 26, 2023
Foodies know the struggle of getting every bit of tomato sauce from an almost empty bottle and now a clever hack might cut waste and save money. Source: Getty Images.

A TikTok user has managed to astonish viewers with a simple yet ingenious kitchen hack that promises to solve the age-old problem of getting every last remaining drop out.

Condiment lovers and food enthusiasts alike have faced the familiar frustration of trying to extract the last remnants of tomato sauce from a seemingly empty bottle, but now Tik Tok user Landon Romano has demonstrated the hack that could potentially save households countless dollars and put a stop to food waste.

“I don’t remember who taught me this,” Romano said in his video uploaded to the social media platform.

“I don’t know, maybe this is the thing that everyone does, or maybe this is just f****** crazy but this blew everyone on my Instagram Story so here you go.

“If you really want to get all this, you do it like this,” he said, as he demonstrated the technique.

In the video, you can see Romano holding the bottle by the bottom with the lid held tight. He then spins his arm rapidly in a circular motion for several seconds.

@landonromanookitchen hack lol♬ original sound – Landon Romano

While the technique looks like it might be a bit rough on the old joints, many users were amazed by the technique and were keen to try it out themselves.

“I have never seen this hack, but I’m so happy I did,” one person wrote.

“Never done that. But I’m start doing that.”

“You are doing god’s work! I can’t wait to try this,” commented another.

“You’ve changed my life.”

“I’m shocked, need to try it.”

While Romano’s hack is helping people save every last drop of tomato sauce, a fellow TikTok user is demonstrating how to remove built in sauce stains on Tupperware with her own clever hack.

Tik Tok user Ariganja begins the video by showing viewers her stained Tupperware container, before filling the container with a small amount of hot water and some washing up liquid. She then adds two to three small pieces of ripped paper towel into the mix.

@ariganja Best hack i was ever taught ???? #grandmasarethebest #fyp #foryoupage #hack #cleaninghack ♬ original sound – ✨ Ariganja ✨

She then firmly reseals the lid onto the Tupperware and commences to shake it vigorously. After shaking it for a brief period, she shows that the Tupperware container has returned to its former glory and is sparkling clean once again.

The cleaning hack quickly ignited a frenzy of excitement among users, with people around the world looking forward to the prospect of restoring their stained containers to their original condition.

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