‘Your legacy lives on’: Bindi and Robert Irwin honour late father Steve Irwin on his 61st birthday

Steve Irwin died in September 2006 following a fatal stingray injury. Source: Getty

The children of beloved Australian icon Steve Irwin have taken a moment to remember their late father, who would have been 61 this week.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, February 22, Steve’s eldest child, 24-year-old Bindi shared a touching post detailing how much she missed her dad.

“Happy Birthday, Dad,” she wrote in the caption alongside an old photo of herself with the famed “Crocodilde Hunter” when she was a child.

“Thank you for instilling a love for all species, courage to follow my heart and determination to make a difference in the world for wildlife and wild places,” she wrote.

“Your legacy lives on and the world is forever changed because of your dedication to conservation. Mum, Robert and I love and miss you so much.”


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Bindi’s post was met with an outpouring of love from fans and followers, with many sharing how Steve had been a “true inspiration” to them.

“Happy Birthday Steve. He is the reason I love animals oh so much and pursued a degree in biology,” one wrote.

“One of my childhood heroes. Happy Birthday to your father. He is the reason I love animals so much.”

“Honestly that man is my hero. I’ve been working with exotics my whole life and I used to sit in front of my tv every day waiting for him to come on,” another commented.

“Heavenly Happy Birthday to your Dad. Great Man, wonderful Husband and Dad. You all were blessed to have him, and all our minds and hearts were changed towards critters because he was such a good influence.”

Younger brother Robert Irwin also took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a throwback photo of himself as a newly born baby being cradled by his dad.

“Happy birthday, Dad,” the 19-year-old captioned the post.

Just like Bindi’s post, Robert’s was also met with a flood of love and messages from fans, with one follower reflecting back to the first time Steve introduced Robert to the public eye.

“I will never forget the day Robert was born and Steve proudly held him up to the camera. He was so proud of His wife, Robert and Bindi… He would have been even more so today. You’re doing a great job and gave Steve a great gift. I could cry, he’s just missing. He was one of the best animal rights activists I knew. All the best in heaven dear Steve! We’ll never forget you,” they wrote.

Last December, Robert was left in tears after receiving a surprise birthday video of his dad talking about Robert’s birth and his hopes for his son to become the next crocodile hunter.

The father of two tragically passed away in September 2006 after he was fatally injured by a stingray barb to the chest while filming in the Great Barrier Reef.

16 years after his death, Steve Irwin’s legacy still remains strong as his children have proudly and tirelessly continued to work to keep their father’s passion alive.

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