‘We love it here’: Michael Bublé eyeing a move to Australia

Jun 15, 2023
Australia has always been a special place for Bublé. Source: Getty Images.

In an exciting development, renowned crooner Michael Bublé has reportedly expressed a keen interest in relocating to the stunning shores of Australia.

The Grammy Award-winning artist, known for his smooth vocals and charismatic stage presence, has captivated audiences worldwide with his soulful renditions of timeless classics.

While Bublé ‘s desire to move to Australia may come as a surprise to some, his connection with the land down under is strong given his loyal fanbase here in addition to his string of sold-out shows and his domination of the Australian music charts.

As Aussie fans no doubt eagerly await the possibility of Bublé arriving on our shores, it seems the idea is at least on the cards for the Bublé household after the singer broached the subject with his wife.

“I have honestly been speaking about it with my wife,” he told Woman’s Day.

“We love it here so much and we love holidaying here that we’ve talked about it a few times.

“It’s so far away it would be cool to have something here.

While Bublé has maintained a strong international presence throughout his career, Australia has always been a special place for him. The artist has graced the country with numerous memorable performances, delighting audiences in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and beyond.

Bublé previously spoke of his love for Australia, telling Yahoo Lifestyle that it’s his “happy place”.

“There are a few places that have really taken me in, places like the UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Philippines,” he said.

“These places where there’s just been this really cool, really tight relationship where I have been taken in and loved, and it’s impossible for me not to love those places back.”

Bublé recently performed in Australia as part of his worldwide Higher Tour, performing a six-show run across the country in June.

The 47-year-old singer isn’t the only entertainer looking to call Australia home after it was recently revealed that Aussie superstar Hugh Jackman was keen to move back permanently.

Earlier this year, Jackman, 54, and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, 67, downsized from their luxury triplex penthouse New York apartment for a smaller unit in Chelsea.

According to Woman’s Day, the move had been “an unexpected stress” for the family and has only served to strengthen the couple’s desire to move back to Australia.

“Almost everything that didn’t go to the smaller apartment is being shipped to Oz,” a source tells the publication.

“They’re serious about moving Down Under one day and this was the perfect opportunity to start sending things back. Having a smaller place has freed up money to invest in their eventual base in Australia as well, so they’re excited about taking steps towards their Aussie dream.”

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