Taste the fountain of youth: Vera Wang says secret to ageless appearance is vodka cocktails

Vera Wang credits her ageless complexion to vodka, sleep, and staying out of the sun. Source: Getty

Renowned fashion designer Vera Wang, who recently celebrated her 74th birthday on June 27, has shared the secret behind her youthful beauty.

With her toned physique and seemingly ageless complexion, Wang has long been an icon of timeless class. Now, she has shared her unconventional yet effective regimen that keeps her glowing from the inside out.

In a recent interview with People, Wang revealed that her timeless beauty is maintained by two surprising elements: vodka and sleep.

According to the wedding dress designer, having a vodka cocktail after 5 or 6 pm, typically around 7 pm, is part of her routine.

While some may find it hard to believe, Wang insists that this daily ritual contributes to her overall wellbeing.


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“Nobody believes me when I say it, but working keeps you young. It keeps your mind young, and your spirit up and your relevance up, which I think affects your body,” she said.

If you’re curious to know what type of cocktail Wang specifically has, the designer told Forbes she’s a fan of ” a modified screwdriver”– vodka on the rocks with a splash of orange juice– but also enjoys “drinking vodka pure” during the summer.

Vodka isn’t the sole ingredient in her beauty cocktail. Wang also emphasised the importance of getting a solid nine hours of sleep each night, adding that she firmly believes that adequate rest helps her stay calm and maintain a balanced pace in life.

Despite all the flattery, Wang has admitted that there isn’t really a “fountain of youth” to her ageless complexion, but rather that people “have no idea of what 70 looks like today”.

“I have so many friends that are 65 to 70 that look fabulous. But I have to say that hopefully, it’s a good thing. I hope it makes women feel more comfortable with themselves or are confident, or there are many definitions of what a woman can be,” she said.

Not wanting to be “pigeonholed” by age, Wang is keen to ensure that her work remains the focal point of her attention.

“I’m very flattered that people think I’ve aged well, but it was never my goal,” she told Elle.

“I’m confronted with a bit of a moment now where so much has been said about my aging. I just hope that it doesn’t supersede my work. It brings up the issue of ageism, and I don’t want to be pigeonholed.”

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