‘Smoke show’: Larry Emdur wows fans with ‘peak 80s’ throwback pic

Jul 05, 2023
Fans couldn't contain their excitement as they flooded the comments section of Emdur's post, expressing awe at the quintessentially 80s picture. Source: Getty Images.

Beloved television personality Larry Emdur has caused a frenzy on social media after sharing an almost unrecognisable picture of himself from the 80s, sporting frosted tips and the early stages of a mullet.

Emdur shared the throwback pic of him at Sydney’s Circular Quay in 1987 to his Instagram page on Tuesday, July 4, giving his fans a welcomed blast from the past.

“Larry Emdur reporting for 10 Evening Neeeeews,” he wrote.

“Oh and by the way 1987 called and it wants its frosted tips and industrial strength hair gel back.”


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Fans couldn’t contain their excitement as they flooded the comments section of Emdur’s post, expressing awe at the quintessentially 80s picture, reminiscing about the bygone era while praising his bold fashion choices.

Fellow television personality Grant Denyer was among the first to comment on the post.

“This is the bloke ya misses told ya not to worry about,” Denyer wrote.

“Smoke show,” one fan commented.

“Larry you have kept your good looks and your humbling nature.”

“You would be leaving a trail of broken hearts Larry!”

“Oh my goodness so young Larry,” commented another.

“Always a good sort Laz!”

“Ah I remember the frosted tips trend … peak 80s!”

Emdur isn’t the only one to surprise fans with a captivating throwback picture. In a move that left fans in awe, Grant Denyer took the spotlight last year by sharing his own captivating snapshot from the past.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, December 20, 2022, the former Sunrise presenter left fans and followers in fits of laughter after sharing an iconic childhood photo.

“Cutie pie alert,” he captioned the photo.

“You think it’s not possible to have a fringe, flat top, braces AND a ‘rat’s tail’ at the same time”

“Well screw you. It’s been done. By me.”

“And it was glorious.”


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A post shared by Grant Denyer (@grantdenyer)

Soon after sharing the picture, Denyer’s post was filled with humorous comments from friends and fans, all playfully poking fun at the Aussie celebrity’s looks.

“Bahahahhahaha I love this photo.. unsure about the rats tail to be fair,” Denyer’s wife, Chezzi wrote.

“Damn Denyer, save some babes for the rest of us!!” a fan wrote.

“Business at the front, party at the back….and sides….and top,” commented another.

“You saucy minx.”

“Ooof that’s a whole lotta woosho you got goin there. Legend in the lunchbox trophy for you.”

“……And you’ve never looked better! Love you, Grant Denyer, you are a crack-up and a half.”

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