‘Pissed off’: The Chase’s Anne Hegerty fuming at rumours of being replaced by a younger model

Aug 19, 2022
Anne Hegerty respodes to replacement rumours. Source: Instagram @celebagents

Chaser Anne Hegerty aka “The Governess” has responded to rumours of the show replacing her with someone who “looks like they could be on Love Island.”

The 64-year-old English quizzer admitted to seeing red when she found out the show’s producers were on the hunt for younger participants to become new quizzers.

“They have tried out a few 20-year-olds for The Chase as quizzers,” she told the Daily Star.

“I would be more than pissed off if I was replaced, as she would not be as good as me.

“Nobody is about to replace me.”


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News of Hegerty’s possible replacement was sparked after fan favourite Mark Labbett appeared at the Oxford Student Union and reportedly told its debate society that the show bosses were looking for quizzes who can play like Anne or Jenny (Ryan) and looks like she can be on Love Island”.

Hegerty has been a UK chaser staple since 2010, starring alongside Labbett, Shaun Wallace, Paul Sinha, and Jenny Ryan. She’s also been a chaser in the Australian version of the show, appearing with Labbett.

Hegerty has only ever been absent in her role as a chaser once, earlier this year when she contacted Covid-19 and was unable to participate in filming.

Australian quizmaster Issa Schultz ended up stepping into her “chilly shoes” after getting a last-minute call from the UK.

“As they say, the show must go on! I’d be foolish not to do it,” Schultz told UK publication Express.

Hegerty’s comments come after the TV personality revealed she was working on another project outside the quiz show.

“Being on ‘The Chase’ is the best job I’ve ever had but I’d love to do a bit of acting,” she said.

“I would like to be funny. Our writer Adam [Bostock-Smith] has written a sitcom called ‘Gammon’ about these two dim brothers who live together. I’m the housekeeper and I’m the only sane person in the place.

“We don’t know what channel it will be on yet, but there is a full script for the pilot episode and an outline for the first six episodes.”

Outside of The Chase, Hegerty has appeared in reality TV shows such as Britain’s Brightest FamilyI’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, and more recently Catchphrase: Celebrity Christmas Special

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