Piers Morgan labels Madonna a ‘gruesome attention seeker’ following social media stunt

Oct 13, 2022
Source: Getty Images.

Controversial British broadcaster Piers Morgan has taken a break from verbally attacking the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and has set his sights on pop icon Madonna, slamming the singer over her latest social media video.

After Madonna, 64, shared a video on Tiktok where she threw a pair of pink underwear into a bin and claimed “if I miss, I’m gay”, Morgan took the opportunity to dedicate a portion of his Piers Morgan Uncensored broadcast to take a shot at the Material Girl singer.

“So my big question for you, Kate McCann is, is she now identifying as gay or is she as I suspect continuing to identify as the most gruesome attention seeker in the history of world celebrity?” Morgan asked his guest, TalkTV Political Editor Kate McCann.

“I think a lot of people are still very confused about what that video was aiming at,” McCann replied.

“I think that there’s definitely a question there. She’s provocative, that’s what she does and what she has always done.

“You don’t have to necessarily like it or agree with it, but you’re talking about it.”

“I don’t even want to see it,” Morgan replied.

“I know I’m playing into her trap.

“She wants attention, and I’m giving it to her. But honestly, utterly ridiculous.”

Following his comments regarding the pop icon, the public was quick to turn the tables on Morgan with many labelling him a “hypocrite”.

Although Madonna was the target of Morgan’s latest tirade, the former Good Morning Britain host has dedicated much of his time recently to attempting to take down Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Most recently Morgan slammed Markle for referring to herself as a Princess, saying she’s exploiting the titles she and Prince Harry walked away from.

“She calls herself a princess on her podcast – little girls who grow up to make a real princess,” he said to his guests.

“You’re not a princess, you’re not a princess in any way.

“They do it quite deliberately to fuel the interest and commercial entities, and really the interest is based on them trashing their family.

“I mean without that, I’m not sure what we’re interested in, we don’t want to hear their woke homilies about life, do we?”

Morgan claimed the Duke and Duchess “trade-off their titles” and family “trashing” to generate income.

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