Melania’s best eye roll yet at Trump goes viral

Nov 01, 2021
Please don't stand so close to me. Melania Trump eye roll caught on camera at World Series baseball game. Source: 7News.

Ouch. In her first public outing with husband Donald Trump since April, Melania Trump is clearly finding it tougher than ever to keep up the appearances of a happy marriage.

The moment when former FLOTUS Melania appears to roll her eyes at Trump at a televised sporting event has been watched (and re-watched) with delight by the internet, with the hashtag #MelaniaHatesTrump trending on Twitter, even as the original video gets deleted from the social sharing platform.

Melania threw her curveball while standing alongside her husband at a World Series baseball game in Atlanta on Saturday. As cheers broke out across the stadium for the famous couple, Trump and Melania beamed back at the crowd. But while Trump continued to point and gesture happily to waving spectators, Melania’s trademark smile sunk without a trace. In its place, a pointed eye roll and disgusted grimace that she made little attempt to conceal.

Since Trump left the Oval Office in January, speculation has been rife about the state of their union. Many predicted that the former model from Slovenia, who is wife number three for Trump, was “counting down the minutes” until she could divorce her 75-year-old billionaire husband. The couple tied the knot in 2005 in a lavish $AUD3.32 ($2.5 US million) wedding.

The pained body language between the pair has been much examined by Melania and Donald watchers and media outlets around the world. In particular, the 51-year-old’s conspicuous refusal to hold her husband’s hand at key moments when all eyes are on them, such as exiting Air Force One – or after his final debate against Joe Biden.

By Sunday morning, the captured world series moment had already notched up 4.3 million views, Newsweek reported. Since setting Twitter afire over the weekend, the incriminating video has now been officially deleted. That hasn’t stopped the Twitterati from gleefully sharing and commenting on it:

“The face of a woman whose calculations on the life expectancy of an elderly overweight Caucasian man with bad eating habits went terribly wrong…,” tweeted one.

“Smiles must cost extra,” joked another #MelaniaHatesTrump

And this: “Melanie showing the world just how fed up she is with playing the doting wife.”

“Melania was happier at a funeral with Obama than literally anywhere with her husband,” observed another Tweet.

With reports that the former first lady is in talks about penning her White House memoir, it’s sure to be a page turner.

Do you think Melania does hate Trump?

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