TV personality Larry Emdur slams ‘pathetic’ flood looters

Mar 02, 2022
TV host Larry Emdur has slammed flood looters as "pathetic". Source: Getty Images.

Television personality Larry Emdur has taken to social media to slam Queensland flood looters who have targeted homes and businesses left decimated by the destructive weather event.

The popular co-host of The Morning Show posted a furious rant to his Instagram, telling his followers the situation has made him “so mad and so so sad.”

“Dear absolute f***ing a**eholes looting houses and businesses in the devastated flood zones know this, every single person in Australia hates you right now!” he wrote.

“Stealing from people who have lost everything…

“You are beyond pathetic!!”


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Fans were quick to voice their support for Emdur’s comments and express their shock over the looting activity.

“Looting shouldn’t even be a word let alone a thing to cross people’s awful minds,” one wrote.

“It was the same in the fires, we had cars of looters looking for houses where people had evacuated. Disasters bring out the very best in people and the very worse in others!” added another.

“You tell them Larry!!!”

“Who would even think of doing that, unbelievable.”

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was also quick to blast the looters, calling their actions “absolutely disgusting.”

“I can’t believe that people would even contemplate doing that when a family is going through so much,” she told 7 News.

“It’s the lowest of low. What worse can you do, like honestly?

“These people are going through heartache and they’re rifling through their stuff taking whatever they can.”

In order to “combat property crime and protect homes and businesses in flood affected areas” Queensland Police launched Operation Uniform Nash on Tuesday, March 1.

Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the operation “will ensure there is a strong police presence in flood affected areas to protect our community against heartless thieves.”

“I cannot overstate how disappointed and disgusted I am that this has occurred in areas where people have had to leave their houses,” she said.

“Our message to anyone thinking about stealing from homes or businesses is that you can expect police to track you down and ensure you are held responsible for your actions.”

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