‘It’s a part of life’: Billy Connolly’s insights on ageing gracefully

Mar 22, 2023
Comedian Billy Connolly shares his humorous perspective on ageing gracefully. Source: Getty Images.

Iconic comedian Billy Connolly has never been one to shy away from discussing life’s tough topics, and now, in his later years, he’s sharing his thoughts on getting older and ageing with his signature wit and humour.

Having recently celebrated his 80th birthday, Connolly recently reflected on the process of getting older referring to it simply as “the next part”.

In an interview with The Sunday Post, Connolly revealed his secret to ageing well is remaining “excited by things” well into your later years.

“I’ve spent a great deal of my life being a boy, being excited by things, and it has done me good,” Connolly told the publication.

“I would always go for the gaudy guitar and the banjo with a picture on the skin. I’ve never recovered from that and I have no intention of doing so.

“I know lots of people who are dead and they don’t know it. They haven’t had a funeral. They’re just dead. They’ve given up. They don’t get excited by anything any more. They dress like the complainer. You become the guy who goes next door and complains about the balls coming in over his hedge into the garden. And it’s a sad thing. I’ve seen it happening to really nice people and it’s a dreadful trap to fall into.”

Connolly says he has accepted the parts of life that come with getting older and that “growing old is simply growing old”.

“Getting grey, hair falling out. Mine’s going like hell just now, falling out. I don’t enjoy it but it’s a part of life. It’s the next part,” he said.

Connolly’s comments come only a few months after he celebrated his milestone 80th birthday, delighting fans with a surprise appearance at his local Glasgow cafe.

The comedian stopped in at Jessie Biscuit in Milngavie on Thursday, November 24, 2022, and much like many of Connolly’s recent outings, the cafe owners took to social media to celebrate the comedian’s arrival.

“A special day for a special man THE BIG YIN!” the cafe owners wrote.

“Thank you for choosing to come back to Jessie biscuit to celebrate your 80th birthday.

“From everyone at Jessie Biscuit a huge HAPPY 8️⃣0️⃣ BIRTHDAY SIR BILLY CONNOLLY.”

Although his visit to the local cafe may seemed like somewhat of a low-key celebration for the comedy megastar, Connolly wouldn’t have it any other way revealing that the milestone occasion “means nothing” to him.

“I had a big do when I was 60. We had a ball – great friends, great music, dancing, getting drunk, smoking cigars and being stupid. And that’ll do me for partying,” he told The Oldie.

“I’ll go to other people’s parties, but to be 80 is very strange. When you’re 65 you get to retire. When you’re 21, you get the key to the door. When you’re 80, you get told to bugger off. What presents do you get an 80-year-old? A walking stick? A guide dog?

“So I haven’t arranged anything for my birthday, I’ll let it sneak up on me. And at 80, you forget it’s your birthday anyway.”

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