Fans wish Billy Connolly a happy birthday as the comedian reveals turning 80 ‘is very strange’

Nov 24, 2022
Although Connolly isn't too fussed about his birthday, fans were quick to flood social media with well wishes. Source: Getty Images.

Comedy legend Billy Connolly turns 80 on Thursday, November 24 and fans have turned out in droves to wish the entertainment icon all the best for the milestone occasion.

During his impressive 80 years on Earth, Connolly has carved out a highly successful career as a comedian, actor, writer, artist, musician, and presenter.

Although Connolly has taken a step back from the limelight in recent years due to Parkinson’s disease, the beloved entertainer has proven he can still wow a crowd.

He most recently left fans starstruck during a rare public appearance at a Glasgow restaurant, during a surprise visit to his native Scotland he stopped in at Mediterraneo Ristorante and Champagne Bar on Tuesday, October 25, much to the delight of fellow diners.

Much like Connolly’s recent low-key visits to local Glasgow establishments, the now 80-year-old has decided to celebrate his birthday in much the same vein, revealing that the milestone occasion “means nothing” to him.

“I had a big do when I was 60. We had a ball – great friends, great music, dancing, getting drunk, smoking cigars and being stupid. And that’ll do me for partying,” he told The Oldie.

“I’ll go to other people’s parties, but to be 80 is very strange. When you’re 65 you get to retire. When you’re 21, you get the key to the door. When you’re 80, you get told to bugger off. What presents do you get an 80-year-old? A walking stick? A guide dog?

“So I haven’t arranged anything for my birthday, I’ll let it sneak up on me. And at 80, you forget it’s your birthday anyway.”

Although Connolly is not overly fussed by his birthday, his loyal fans certainly felt different, flooding social media with well wishes to The Big Yin.


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