‘I really like it’: Andie MacDowell embraces transition to grey hair

Jun 17, 2022
MacDowell admitted that the fast approaching change was inevitable and that she was looking forward to coming to terms with what that felt like. Source: Getty

The wonderful Andie MacDowell has opened up about her transition to grey hair, admitting she “really likes” the new change.

In an interview with People magazine, MacDowell revealed her sister was the one who inspired her to embrace the new look.

“My sister’s full on silver and she’s only 18 months older than me. I thought she looked so much more beautiful being silver. I was jealous,” MacDowell admitted.

The Groundhog Day actress also admitted that it had been during the global pandemic that she finally decided it was time to fully embrace her silver locks.

“During COVID, I could see the roots with my face and with my skin and my eyes, and I like it,” she said.

“I felt that I would be happier. And I am happier. I really like it.”

MacDowell went on to admit that the fast approaching change was inevitable and that she was looking forward to coming to terms with what that felt like.

“I’m 64, and this is the time of my life. Eventually, I’m going to be silver. And I wanted to have this experience of feeling what it is,” she said.

The past few years have seen MacDowell subtly broadcast her natural transition as the actress appeared in a number of social media posts and magazine covers with her silver locks on full display.


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In a recent Vogue magazine cover, MacDowell took to Instagram to share a capture of the cover as she shared some touching body confidence advice for women all over the world.

“I have courage to love myself the way I love other people. Fearlessly and unconditionally. Honest and real. Life is way too short not to be happy in your own skin,” she wrote.

“Stay courageous, stay confident – it’s a beautiful and wonderful thing. Sending you all a heart full of love.”

Most recently, MacDowell made an appearance at the premiere of her newest film, Good Girl Jane, at Tribecca Film Festival in New York on Saturday, June 11.

For the event, the Maid star rocked an emerald green dress with a seductive plunging neckline, but it was her stunning silver locks that really caught the eyes of fans.

Taking to Instagram, MacDowell shared behind-the-scenes footage of her “fabulous” time getting glammed up by her beauty team.

“I’m an exotic badass at 64. That’s what I am,” the actress said in the video.

“That’s what happens when you turn 64.”

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