Grant Denyer announces daughter’s ‘extraordinary’ health milestone

Feb 28, 2023
Grant Denyer has shared a heartwarming video of his daughter reaching a significant milestone. Source: Instagram/ @grantdenyer

Television presenter Grant Denyer has delighted fans with footage of his daughter achieving a major milestone, following her recent health battle.

Denyer’s daughter, Sunday, has been in a full-body cast for the past 8 months after undergoing surgery for hip dysplasia.

Sunday clearly hasn’t allowed her recent health woes to slow her down with a recent video shared by Denyer showing her running for the first time.

“She’s running !! This is huge! So proud of our gorgeous little Sunday. She has not let her hip dysplasia hold her back. It’s been 8 months of a full body plaster cast and now this one, finally she’s figuring out a way to get the mobility she’s always dreamed of. What every kid needs and deserves,” Denyer captioned the heartwarming video.

“She’s so far behind in some milestones compared to others because of her dislocated hip but then again, she’s blossoming like you wouldn’t believe in so many other ways. And she’s never complained or gotten frustrated with it. Her spirit is simply extraordinary. Always smiling, always playing and always captivating us all with her gorgeous attitude to life.

“She is a true delight to be around and watch grow. We love you so much Sunday… you make us proud every day.”


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Fans were quick to share their amazement at the little one’s incredible achievement.

“What an amazing beautiful little girl you must all be so very proud of her,” one fan wrote.

“She’s one in a million! Everything about her in inspiring. Positively adorable. My ovaries just ache watching her.”

“Tearing up here. So delightful to see… gorgeous child. You are all so happy and positive,” commented another.

“Bless her and she’s chuffed with herself even ! The smile and her arms does it for me ! See you at the Olympics young lady!”

“She will be unstoppable with whatever she tackles in life.”

Denyer has made an effort to keep his fans updated with his daughter’s progress, in 2022 he took to social media to share an image of his wife, Cheryl Denyer, holding little Sunday tightly on her lap following her initial surgery.


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Denyer directed the post to Sunday, expressing his sorrow at seeing her in such a condition.

“Oh my poor little bubba!” he wrote.

“I’m so sorry to see you in this state.”

The day after her procedure, Denyer gave fans a look at what life was like for little Sunday post-recovery.

One image showed Sunday lying on two thick pillows with small towels under her legs, a makeshift bed to make her feel as comfortable as possible. In the other image, Sunday lay back in her car seat.


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“Oh bubba. I know you don’t feel like smiling with this body cast on but we’ll get through this together,” Denyer captioned the post.

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