Fashion icon Diane Keaton looks back at her ‘endless fashion mistakes’

Diane Keaton shares a lighthearted video montage of her "worst" looks. Source: Getty

Everyone has their occasional fashion fail, and style queen Diane Keaton is owning up to some of hers.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, February 7, the 77-year-old Book Club actress took a moment to look back at some of her “worst” outfit choices.

“Here lies my endless fashion mistakes… May they all rest in peace,” she captioned the video montage.


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In the video, we hear Keaton comment on each of her eccentric looks. While Keaton didn’t have much to say about the first two outfits, she said the third photo –which shows her in a light brown suede jacket, chunky oxford, and wide-brimmed hat –was “the worst, by far.”

As the pictures continue to slide through, Keaton jokingly says “I can’t take it. I’m having a meltdown!”

She then ends the video by saying, “you guys, I hope you have a good life and have nice clothes.”

Soon after uploading her video, many of Keaton’s famous friends and followers flocked to her comment section to defend her looks.

“Everything is fabulous because you are fabulous,” Andie MacDowell wrote.

“Well, people make the clothes. You have always rocked whatever you have worn. Confidence dictates personal style – an I’ve been a follower forever. Especially those octagon pink glasses. I have a pair made BECAUSE of you. Wore them out. You hide your neck, you hide your hands. We all know – we don’t care. We copy. You rock, Diane,” one of Keaton’s fans chimed in.

You’re an icon – no one wears any of this better than you do.”

I see not one mistake! I see a woman comfortable with herself and who is not driven by fashion trends and you always look fabulous! You are one of my style inspirations! Keep being you x.”

Through the years, Keaton has never failed to wow the public with her wardrobe. Since her career took off in the 70s, she has proven time and time again that her style is in a league of its own.

Keaton is a master at pairing unique and timeless looks, becoming one of the pioneers of celebrity androgynous style. She has also become one of Hollywood’s trailblazers for mature fashion, always ensuring that her style has an unusually practical side.

Speaking to Grazia, Keaton admitted she has always been a fan of fashion, saying  “I’d pick patterns and I’d tell [my mum] what I wanted and she would do it. Fashion has always been everything.” 

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