Comedy legend Billy Connolly leaves fans starstruck during rare public appearance

Oct 28, 2022
Billy Connolly has delighted fans with a rare visit to his native Scotland. Source: Getty Images.

Although comedy legend Billy Connolly has taken a step back from the limelight in recent years, the beloved entertainer has proven he can still wow a crowd when he left fans starstruck during a rare public appearance at a Glasgow restaurant.

Although the 79-year-old now resides in the US, he made a surprise visit to his native Scotland where he stopped in at Mediterraneo Ristorante and Champagne Bar on Tuesday, October 25, much to the delight of fellow diners.

The Italian restaurant’s staff marked Connolly’s special appearance with a photo of the comedian alongside the caption: “Serving a Glasgow Legend! Billy Connolly at #Mediterraneo.”

Fans were quick to share their delight at seeing Connolly “out and about” with many kicking themselves for missing out on the opportunity to see him in person.

“The only man on the planet that has reduced me to tears of abject laughter multiple dozens of times over the years. Gotta love Billy,” one fan wrote.

“Aw gutted! I was in today wished I had seen him! Met him few times other the years he’s brilliant.”

“I’m known for not liking comedians but Billy Connolly I love. Could watch him all day and pee myself laughing. Spoke to him a few times and had me in stitches.”

“Amazing to see billy out and about and I’m sure you spoiled him with amazing foods x.”

“I was in that area the day before Billy. if it would have been yesterday, I could have bumped inti him too. That would have been awesome. Lucky Med Lounge Staff!”

“Can’t believe he is in Glasgow. Amazing. I love our Billy.”

Connolly has remained largely out of the public year in recent years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2013 which led to him making the difficult decision to retire from his five-decade long stand-up career in 2020.

During an interview with ABC’s 7.30 program in 2021, Connolly opened up about his diagnosis and the impact that it has had on his life.

“It has its moments and it’s just weird. Like, I am in a worse state than I realise sometimes,” Connolly shared.

Despite the seriousness of his condition, Connolly revealed that he remains optimistic for the future and that “Parkinson’s doesn’t define” him.

“I try not to think about it,” Connolly said.

“I walk funny, I walk like a drunk man, and I see people staring at me sometimes and that reminds me that I’ve got it. I get invited to places to meet people who have got it and talk about it, but I can’t imagine anything worse than sitting around talking about it.”

Although Connolly doesn’t enjoy dwelling on his diagnosis he is aware of the power that comes with raising awareness.

“A woman came up to me in Portland, Oregon … and she said, ‘Because of you, I took up fly fishing. But because I’ve got Parkinson’s, I can’t tie my flies or my hands shake,’” he shared.

“She said, ‘You’ve got me in terrible trouble. I have to take people with me who can tie flies.’

“I thought, I’ve done something good with my life to get that result from that woman … it’s a lovely thought.”

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