‘Cherish life’: Johnny Ruffo shares moving life advice amid cancer battle

Feb 15, 2023
Johnny Ruffo shares his life philosophy amid cancer battle. Source: Instagram/ @johnny_ruffo

Johnny Ruffo has shared his philosophy on how to make the most out of life as he continues to battle terminal brain cancer.

Appearing on a recent episode of the Kicpod podcast, the 34-year-old former Home and Away star told podcast hosts Steph Claire Smith and Lauren Henshaw that the key to life was to not “sweat the small things”.

“Cherish life,” he said.

“Don’t sweat the small things and make sure the last conversation you have with people that you love is a good one.”

Ruffo then spoke about his long-time girlfriend, Tahnee Sims, and how he handles their relationship amid his ongoing cancer treatment.

“Every time Tahnee and I leave one another… I always tell her I love her. You know I may have a seizure or something might happen and I just want her to know that the last thing she spoke to me about was that I loved her,” he said.

“Never leave a conversation on a bad note.”

Ruffo’s advice had left Henshaw feeling emotional, as she tearfully praised Ruffo for his “beautiful outlook on life”.


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Since revealing in August 2022 that his cancer is terminal, Ruffo has been spotted spending more time with his loved ones.

During the Christmas holidays, Ruffo and Sims flew to Perth to celebrate the silly season with Ruffo’s family where he finally reunited with his older brother Michael for the first time in over three years.


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More recently, Ruffo sent Home and Away fans into a frenzy after he celebrated his “best friend” and former co-star Lynne McGranger’s 70th birthday.

“Happiest of birthdays to one of my best friends @lynnemcgranger you’re like a fine wine,” Ruffo’s birthday tribute read alongside the photo he shared which showed the Aussie television stars beaming at the camera in front of birthday balloons.

Despite seemingly making peace with his terminal diagnosis, the beloved Australian has previously shared that he fears the thought that his loved ones won’t be given the chance to “say goodbye”.

“I’m scared for my brother, my mum, dad and Tahnee that they won’t be here with me [when I die],” Ruffo admitted to The Daily Telegraph.

“There is no way my family will all be here. The likelihood of that is (slim). It would be ideal if everyone was there – not for my sake, but theirs.”

However, Ruffo said he hadn’t given up hope and reassured everyone that he was “powering through” his battle.

“At some point, it will get me but I’m still fighting. Still kicking on…I’m already winning. My goal now is to try and help as many people as I can and also live a happy life,” he said.

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