Australia’s culinary quests in 2023: A flavourful ride through Google’s top 10 recipe searches

From royal quiches to marry me chicken, Google reveals the top 10 recipe searches of 2023. Source: Getty Images.

Google has announced Australia’s top 10 most searched recipes with the list not quite lending itself to gracing the glossy pages of any gourmet recipe book.

Chicken, gruesome purple milkshakes, lamb, quiche fit for royalty, and more chicken are what Australians have been searching for, begging the question, has our collective palate become a little confused of late?

But for better or worse, here is the motley crew of recipes that Aussies have been searching up to try out in their kitchens this year.

1. Coronation quiche recipe

The jury is out on whether King Charles III will ever be as popular as his beloved mum. But he was certainly every inch the royal influencer when searches for his coronation dish, a cost-effective vegetarian quiche, sky-rocketed across the months that coincided with his glorious crowning moment. The quiche comeback was short lived but we like how it represented his love for gardening and was chosen for its adaptability and sharing potential.

2. The Grimace milkshake recipe

From royalty to Maccas, the Grimace milkshake created a Tik Tok storm when McDonald’s started selling the purple milkshake in stores earlier this year. Social media lit up with people drinking the milkshake and then collapsing into strange positions. What some may not know is that Grimace is actually the fast food chain’s purple milkshake stealing mascot. There was a lot of Googling involved and no doubt Maccas benefited from all the hype as well.

3. Coronation chicken recipe

Nostalgia must be responsible for this one. Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation chicken recipe made an unsurprising comeback around the same time as her son’s coronation. Made with an Indian-inspired creamy curry sauce, this dish will undoubtedly take you on a trip down memory lane. It’s no wonder it made the list.

4. CWA ANZAC biscuit recipe

In the days leading up to ANZAC day on April 25, Google searches of the Country  Women’s Association (CWA) ANZAC biscuit recipe spiked and we are pretty certain every lunchbox from Tassie to the Cape York Peninsula had a couple loving wrapped up in baking paper or tin foil.

5. Chicken Honolulu recipe

More chicken and this particular addition to the list have spurred a little bit of head scratching. The recipe features barbecue sauce, pineapple juice and mango or peach jam so perhaps it’s a hit with the kids?

6. Lamb Stew recipe

Now this is what we’d expect to see in a Nigella recipe book. Perhaps it’s because it is the perfect winter dish or maybe it’s because the price of lamb has dropped considerably this year. Whatever the reason, lamb stew was on the menu in Australia during 2023.

7. Pornstar Martini recipes

It would be interesting to see where these Google searches ended up. Nonetheless, this sweet fruity drink, the very antithesis of its dry sibling, set the cyber world alight this year. Also known as the Passionfruit martini, perhaps use this name if you’re serving it up as your Christmas welcome drink this year.

8. Marry Me Chicken recipe

Legend (or the internet) has it that if you make this recipe for that special person in your life then they will want to marry you on the spot. Sounds like a good plan if you actually want to get married. If you are already married then perhaps just cook this sun-dried tomato, cream and chicken breast combo when you are in the mood for something delicious and easy to make.

9. Chicken and Leek Pie recipe

Another homey chicken favourite, this classic pie dish surged in popularity this year with the search term “easy chicken leek pie” getting over 125 million views on Tik Tok. Serve it up with a simple and fresh green salad and you have a meal fit for a king.

10. Modak recipe

A first time contender for the most googled recipes in Australia, these sweet Indian dumplings are growing in popularity in Australia. The word “modak” means a small part of bliss and symbolises spiritual knowledge. If they taste good and will give us a little wisdom, then we’re all for it.

As Google unveils Australia’s top 10 recipe searches, it’s clear our culinary cravings are as diverse as ever. From the quirky allure of Grimace Milkshakes to the classic comfort of Chicken and Leek Pie, Aussies have taken a flavourful journey this year.

Whether it’s a nod to royalty, a TikTok trend, or the hope of a spontaneous proposal with Marry Me Chicken, our kitchen adventures have been nothing short of delightful in 2023. As we wrap up the year, here’s to the joyous mishmash of tastes that make our Aussie tables so uniquely delicious. Cheers to a year of tasty discoveries!







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