The beautiful acts of kindness getting Aussies through the coronavirus crisis

Mar 28, 2020
Aussies have gone out of their way to help others in need during the Covid-19 outbreak. Source: Facebook/ The Kindness Pandemic and Getty

The government’s social distancing advice to prevent the spread of coronavirus may have led to physical separation between Aussies, but that’s not stopping the country’s people from supporting each other, with many going out of their way to ensure the happiness of friends, family and complete strangers during this difficult time.

While hugs, kisses and even a handshake are not advised amid the Covid-19 outbreak, people are still showing beautiful acts of kindness to make the distance that little bit easier. From buying a coffee for someone, to donating toilet paper to those most in need, the true Aussie spirit is certainly shining through.

Of those touched by a random act of kindness was Aussie woman Joann Smolders who received an extra financial boost when she needed it the most. Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle this week, Joann said she was brought to tears when she found a letter which simply read, “had some luck, paying it forward,” and $100 in her letterbox.

Joann said she has been in self-isolation and unable to work due to fibromyalgia and a host of other medical conditions. When she received the letter and money donation, she only had $16 to last the coming week and was unsure how she was going to make it through.

“I am on a disability pension and struggling to pay my bills, like so many others,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I was wondering how I would survive next week as I don’t get my pension for another 11 days. This could not have come at a better time. I literally would have just over $16 to last me.”

Meanwhile, others have been touched by the kind gestures of their own family, such as one woman who was overwhelmed with the beautiful and simple act of her own child this week. The mother took to social media this week to share her story, explaining how she’d recently lost her job and was trying to stay positive.

But amid all of the stress and worry, the single mum said it was her son who has been her major support.

“I lost my job on Monday and I’ve been pretty silent and calm about it as I know I’m not the only one,” she wrote on Facebook group The Kindness Pandemic. “Financially it’s pretty grim in my little single parent home but I’m always optimistic!

A mum took to Facebook to share a photo of her son’s kind act during the Covid0-19 outbreak. Source: Facebook/ The Kindness Pandemic

“However, my beautiful little son secretly put this on my bedside table last night before he went to bed. As soon as I found it I ran into his room and gave him a huge hug and thanked him for being so kind! I told him, ‘we’ll be alright because we have each other!'”

The note simply read, “your pay” with a 20 cent piece attached. The beautiful gesture has been praised by many who also reached out to show their support.

“What a beautiful kind boy you have raised,” one person commented. “Shout out to all the single mum’s hold the forte! Keep going girl it will be alright! If you need meals or moral support just shout out!”

“Oh that melts my heart and makes me cry,” another said. “Certainly sad and troubled times.” While a third added: “Your boy is a beautiful soul. A reflection of his mumma [sic].”

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