A promise is a promise: What Priscilla vowed to Elvis

Priscilla Presley has revealed why she never remarried after Elvis. Source: Getty Images.

Priscilla Presley has kept her promise to former husband Elvis more than four decades after he died.

The two met when now 78 year-old Presley was just 14 years old and began a 13-year relationship where they were married for just six.

Their marriage ended amicably in 1973 when Presley promised Elvis she would never remarry. Elvis died four years later in 1977 and more than four decades later the actress has held fast to her pledge.

At a Q&A event in South Point Casino in Las Vegas recently, the actress spoke openly about her decision never to remarry.

Referring to the well-known rumor regarding her pledge never to marry again, she addressed the audience, “I just don’t think that he could handle that.”

“To be honest with you, I never wanted to marry after him. I never had any desire,” she said.

“No one could ever match him.”

Speaking with Piers Morgan in a separate interview, Presley admits that her ex-husband’s death still affects her.

“I can still hear Joe Esposito’s words, ‘Cilla, Elvis is dead’, and that was like, I just couldn’t imagine him ever, especially at his age and all, still so young and wanting to do so much and had so much planned, and not having him, not talking to him, not having him be the father of our child,” she told Morgan.

“My big fear was Lisa, and how do I tell her,” she added.

“She was only 9 at the time.”

2023 has been a big year for Priscilla who’s biopic, also named Priscilla was released in the US last month. 

The film, which was directed by award-winning director Sofia Coppola, premiered in September at the Venice Film Festival with Presley telling reporters it was “difficult to watch”.

Priscilla is based on the memoir Elvis and Me written by Priscilla and Sandra Harmon in 1985 and depicts the ups and downs of Priscilla’s (played by Cailee Spaeny) life and her turbulent relationship with her husband, Elvis Presley (played by Australian actor Jacob Elordi), the troubled King of Rock.

Speaking to reporters after the premiere, a visibly emotional Presley whose daughter Lisa-Marie passed away earlier this year, reflected on Coppola’s work.

“Sofia did an amazing job, she did her homework,” she said.

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