Your ultimate guide to conquering the stress of Christmas shopping

Nov 17, 2023
Among the whirlwind of holiday preparations, Christmas shopping doesn't need to be a stress-inducing ordeal.Source: Getty Images.

As the festive season draws near, an air of holiday excitement fills the surroundings. Yet, amid the joyful tunes and beloved traditions, there’s a hint of stress that comes along with the annual task of Christmas shopping.

But worry not, fellow holiday lover, because Starts at 60 brings you a complete guide to not only navigate but savour every bit of the bustling world of seasonal shopping. Think of it as your trusted companion, a handy tool to smoothly navigate through the holiday hustle, ensuring you extract the most joy from your festive shopping spree and find the perfect presents for the ones you love, making this holiday season truly special and memorable.

When it comes to Christmas shopping, getting in early isn’t just a smart move; it’s your secret weapon for a stress-free and triumphant holiday season. While others are caught up in the last-minute chaos, you’re strolling through beautifully decorated stores, calmly picking out perfect gifts.

It’s not just about avoiding the holiday hustle; it’s about turning gift-giving into a joyful experience. Early birds not only grab the best deals but also enjoy the magic of the season without the stress, securing thoughtful gifts and the luxury of time to savour the holiday spirit.

Target’s General Manager of Merchandise Carrie Kirkman knows all too well the importance of starting your Christmas shopping early, telling Starts at 60 that getting in early on means you can “take advantage of sales like Black Friday for gifts and decorations and getting prepared ahead of the holiday rush.”

“In the lead up to Christmas, there are a number of sales which shoppers can take advantage of, especially with budgets top of mind. Black Friday happens at the end of November and Target will have great discounts on a range of our amazing quality products,” Kirkman says.

“We also know that for many families, school holidays and the Christmas break can really creep up on us. Shopping for gifts now will help alleviate the need for a last-minute dash to the shops.”

Kirkman also stresses that “preparation is key to ensure you’re buying everything you need – whether it’s gifts for the whole family, or the perfect decorations for your home these holidays.”

“A list will help you keep track of what you’ve bought for whom, so there are no accidental double-ups, or anyone being missed,” she suggests.

In the midst of holiday chaos, with decorations and carols in full swing, it’s easy to forget the true meaning of the season. The rush to find the perfect gift sometimes overshadows the importance of choosing something meaningful and heartfelt. Amidst all the festive hustle and bustle, taking a moment to pick a gift that genuinely speaks to the spirit of the season adds a touch of magic, reminding us that the heart of the holidays lies in thoughtful and sincere giving.

In order to find something your loved ones will cherish, Kirkman encourages shoppers to “think about the individuals you are buying for and write down 3 things you know that they have an interest in (for example reading, dogs, cycling) and then try to match a gift to their interests.”

“For the one that has it all- a gift card can be a great option giving the individual the chance to browse the store and buy what they need!” she says.

Among the whirlwind of holiday preparations, Christmas shopping doesn’t need to be a stress-inducing ordeal. Armed with organisation, creativity, and a generous dose of seasonal spirit, you can transform this annual task into a joyful endeavor.

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