Countdown to Christmas: What can you start planning today?

Nov 03, 2023
Have you started or thought about getting a head start on your holiday preparations? Source: Getty Images.

While the notion of diving headfirst into Christmas preparations in early November might strike some as a bit too zealous, embracing a few simple steps now can alleviate a considerable amount of stress and uncertainty down the road.

This proactive approach will afford you the precious gift of more time to relish the joyous holiday season.

Commence your baking and embrace the freezer

There’s no shortage of delectable Christmas fare that freezes exceptionally well. Why not seize the opportunity to alleviate your future self of culinary demands? Delicacies like Christmas cake, mince pies, rocky road, and scones preserve magnificently, enabling you to check these delectable items off your list weeks, if not months, in advance.

Should you prefer to relish the joy of cooking closer to the day (as it can be a part of the festive merriment), a happy compromise lies in preparing the gravy and stuffing in the weeks leading up to the grand celebration.

Update your contact roster

If you plan to send out your annual Christmas letter or cards, now is the perfect time to verify that you have accurate addresses for all recipients. The good news is that this task has become more convenient than ever; a simple private message through Facebook can easily help you obtain the needed addresses.

Furthermore, this presents a golden opportunity to rekindle connections with loved ones a tad earlier than usual!

Start your online shopping expedition

Embracing online shopping for Christmas gifts can be an absolute time-saver, but to maximise its benefits, a touch of foresight is required. The rush of the Christmas season can erode one’s trust in the postal system, especially when dealing with orders from overseas, which may involve navigating two overburdened delivery systems.

By placing orders for a selection of gifts today, you grant yourself a generous buffer for potential delays and complications during international shipping, thus averting last-minute panic.

Start budgeting and saving today

Maintaining financial prudence during the holiday season can be challenging. However, making a few thoughtful compromises now in preparation can make a significant difference. If possible, consider sketching out a budget and setting aside the necessary funds for gifts, culinary delights, travel, and other seasonal indulgences.

This early financial planning could culminate in a brighter start to the new year with a healthier bank balance.

Speak to your friends and family about their plans

Do you wish to set aside a specific day to celebrate with your cherished friends or family members? Start the conversation about your plans now to steer clear of scheduling conflicts. Once again, the convenience of Facebook comes to the rescue; sending out event invitations ensures that your loved ones save the date and helps streamline your holiday planning process.

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