Easy hack to make stale bread ‘fresh’ again

This easy food hack can turn old, stale bread as "good as new". Image source: Getty

There’s nothing worse than cutting into a bread roll or a loaf you assumed was still fresh, to discover it’s gone stale – particularly if you were relying on that bread for lunch or to bulk up your evening meal. But a clever hack for refreshing bread that’s gone stale could mean you’re never going to be disappointed again.

As with all the best hacks, they have been around for generations, but this simple way to make bread “as good as new” has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity after it was shared on Facebook by an Australian mum. And the best thing about it is, you’ll only have to wait a matter of minutes before you can tuck into a soft bread roll.

So, what’s the trick?

All you need to do is take your stale bread loaf and place it under the tap to moisten it. Then place the bread in the oven at 180-200 degrees Celsius for a couple of minutes. When you remove the bread it should be soft and fresh once more.

Many people admitted they’d successfully tried the method out for themselves, with one writing: “It works!” Another said: “I warm mine in the oven to refresh them. Have never put water on them though.”

While another user suggested it may only be suitable for bread rolls, adding: “My mum does it all the time!!! She freezes bread and rolls. I wouldn’t do it with bread but it’s awesome with rolls.”

Other users said you can also heat the bread in the microwave on top of a wet paper towel. Another reader adds “You can also put it in the oven with a tray of water under it. Works just as good.”

Social media has become the go-to place for sharing hacks and tips in recent months, with many groups popping up to allow people to share their ideas on particular topics. Last week one such tip sent the Internet into a frenzy as a woman revealed her fail-safe method to prevent avocados from turning brown once they’ve been cut.

Margaret Drisi shared her secret on social media app, TikTok, calling it the ‘Dinosaur Egg Avocado Hack’.

In the short video, the woman shows the unusual way she cuts into an avocado to prevent browning. Instead of slicing the avocado right down the middle as most people would, Margaret slices a round piece off the very top of the avocado. With a tablespoon, she then scoops the fruit out of the chopped-off piece, before continuing to dig out some from the rest of the avocado. She then places the remainder of the avocado in an air-tight container, with the rest of the peel and seed intact, which protects the avocado from turning brown.

The video then jumps to a clip taken two days later showing that there is no browning. Margaret added she can make a single avocado last a whole week this way.


This article was oiginally published 30 May 2020, information updated on 10 Apr 2023

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