Say goodbye to brown avocados with this clever hack

May 23, 2020
Nothing can ruin your morning more than a brown, mushy avocado. Source: Getty.

Avocados are notorious for turning brown and slimy once they’ve been cut open, and there’s nothing more frustrating than throwing away perfectly good food!

But one savvy woman has revealed a simple trick for preventing the browning process — and it’s all down to how you cut it. Margaret Drisi shared her secret on the new teen app TikTok, which allows users to share videos, calling it the ‘Dinosaur Egg Avocado Hack’.

In the short video, which has been viewed more than 170,000 times so far, the woman shows the unusual way she cuts into an avocado to prevent it from turning brown. “This is how to cut your avocado so it doesn’t go bad when you’re only using a little piece of it every day,” she says in the video.

Instead of slicing the avocado right down the middle as most people would, Margaret slices a round piece off the very top of the avocado. With a tablespoon, she then scoops the fruit out of the chopped-off piece, before continuing to dig out some from the rest of the avocado. She then places the remainder of the avocado in an air-tight container, with the rest of the peel and seed intact, which protects the avocado from turning brown.

Margaret slices a round piece off the very top of the avocado. Source: marg13d/TikTok.

The video then jumps to a clip taken two days later showing that there is no browning. Margaret added she can make a single avocado last a whole week this way.

“I make avocado on toast every morning, but I don’t use a ton every day,” she says. “My biggest issue with making avocado toast every morning is that it would go bad and get slimy, watery, and brown. And that doesn’t happen anymore.”

With a tablespoon, scoop out as much avocado as you need. Source: marg13d/TikTok.

Starts at 60 recently shared another hack to keep avocados fresh for longer — and the secret is lettuce leaves!

“Sort of accidentally I discovered that I have been throwing away 1st class food wrap,” a woman from New Zealand wrote on Facebook. “Lettuce leaves, primarily the outer ones that are a bit harder, Make excellent food wrap! Since they’re designed for that purpose in the first place… ( who knew!)”

Sharing an image of her cut avocado, she added: “This avo was cut a week ago, and stored in the fridge ever since, wrapped in lettuce leaf. All good for today’s breakfast. Incidentally, Lettuce leaves even keep buns fresh!”

If it’s too late and the avocados are too ripe, don’t fret, you can still enjoy the avocado (if it doesn’t gross you out too much!). If you can successfully scrape away any brown bits and there’s still green, there’s hope. However, despite how green it is underneath, if the avocado doesn’t smell right, don’t eat it!

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Have you tried this method before? How do you store avocados? Do you have any tips to keep them fresher for longer?

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